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Glamping, Camping, and Skunks

Vicki addresses her relationship with Brooks and laughs out loud about this episode.

By Vicki Gunvalson

First of all I wanted to sincerely apologize for not posting my blog last week. I sat down several times to write it and ended up not being able to put to words what I was really feeling. This week I have a clearer perspective and thought I would comment on a few parts of last week's show that really bothered me, and then we'll jump into this week's episode.

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There have been some opinions about what I said on the show referencing Brooks' access to my phone and emails and the assumption that he also has access to my bank accounts/records. Just to clarify to everyone, what I said was that he had access to my voicemail and emails-- NOT my money. I only said that was to merely point out that I have nothing to hide from him and that we are completely transparent when it comes to one another. Brooks does not have access to my money, my bank accounts, or any of my financial accounts. He has his own accounts, and I have mine -- and neither one of us have access to each other's personal finances.

Some people, including Tamra, have voiced her opinion about "keeping her eye on Brooks to supposedly protect me." My question to her is. . .PROTECT ME FROM WHAT?!

Although I find it nice that she cares about me, I've told her she has nothing to worry about. I have known Brooks in the insurance/investment business for over five years, which quite frankly is longer than she has known Eddie. I am not engaged to Brooks. I don't live with Brooks, nor do we intend on doing anything like that in the near future. We are comfortable where our relationship is, and we are both very cautiously optimistic that our relationship will last. To say we don't have struggles would be a lie, however it's been a long time (if ever) where I truly felt like I was with my best friend. Everyday that I am given the opportunity to spend with him, he is an amazing boyfriend and a true partner to me. If any of you have things that are negative or bad to say about him, I would request you to refrain as it is not only hurtful to Brooks, but also to me.

One thing that you do not get to do is get into his soul, his mind, and his heart, as the show captures us at times in a very skewed way. In any event, all I ask for you at this time is to support us, and not to belittle or voice your opinions about someone you don't really know. He is an amazing father who loves his children unconditionally and consistently financially supports his children. He makes me very happy and at the end of the day that is all what we should wish for one another.

This was one of my favorite episodes so far. I don't know about you, but I found myself laughing out loud and really enjoying the "no drama" for once. When I visited Tamra after her surgery, I was actually very surprised on how she still had "boobies" even after her implants were removed. I thought she looked great, even though I made fun of her "itty bitty titties." Now that her bandages have been off and she is all healed, she actually looks very proportioned for her body. I think she looks very natural and amazing. I owe her and everyone else an apology if I offended anyone about saying "I don't know why anyone would want itty bitty titties." That was an inappropriate thing to say, and I misspoke and sincerely apologize if I offended anyone.

I think it was so awesome for Alexis to plan our "glamping" trip. It was thoughtful of her to put together the s'more bags and to buy us such cute scarfs. I really enjoyed spending time with the ladies and actually without Gretchen and Tamra there it seemed to be less stressful for some reason. I don't know why, but it did. I don't like the conflict that is brewing between Gretchen and Alexis, nor do I like Tamra not really liking that I am friends with Alexis. I like Alexis, and now that I have gotten to know her on a more personal level, she's harmless, sweet, and very easy to be around. At the end of the day, that is much easier than someone who wants to fight, judge you, or is confrontational. It's been very easy between us which I need more of in my life lately.

I had so much fun glamping because although I'm not a true "camper." I really liked being out in the woods, building a fire, chasing skunks, and sleeping in a real bed with running water. When the skunk appeared at our campsite, all the girls ran in their cabins and Briana and I actually took it upon ourselves to chase the skunk away. We laughed about it so much when we went in the cabin that night and said how similar we both are. We were not going to let that skunk ruin our night!

It loved getting to know Heather more and I really like her. She's not as "fancy pants" as I thought she was. She fit right into the camping environment right away. We ended up taking a walk just the two of us, and it was nice spending time with each other without any outside distractions.

I love spending time, with Briana and glamping was perfect for her after all that she has been through. I found out while we were laying in our beds talking that she is "in a relationship" with a man that she met a few years ago who has been at war. He just returned from Afghanistan, is a marine, and she seems to really like him and he makes her very happy. He's been very sweet to her while she was in the hospital, doing daily video chatting with her and sending her tons of flowers. She deserves to be treated like the princess that she is, and I'm glad he has recognized how special of a person she really is.

Now onto Gretchen. . .OMG talk about drama queen! I have NO idea or clue how or why her vocal cords were damaged but to blame it from our fight from the Bunko Party is hard to believe. I think there is much more to the story, which we will probably never know, but if anyone was going to lose her voice it should have been me. She seems to be the "drama" queen this season on her ailments. Between the "sprained ankle" at the mud run to (now this week) her voice, I don't know if she's looking for attention or if she's really believing her own BS. To be carried off the mud run in such a dramatic way with Slade putting her in a medic golf cart to then the next day wearing high heels just doesn't make sense. My thought is she just didn't want to be in the mud run anymore and maybe she did twist her ankle, but quickly figured this was a great way to get herself out of there.

Regarding her voice. . .it did sound like she lost it or was a bit raspy, but did she ever think it was just a cold or laryngitis or maybe she screamed at Slade about the stupid Improv show? Who really knows what happened to her voice, but at the end of the day it was not my fault or will I take responsibility for it. Slade and her caused all this conflict between us and as I said before I'll take 50 percent of the blame but not 100 percent.

As I close this blog, I'm feeling sad, happy and everything in between. I am going through so many life changes and as I have just approached my 50s, I'm realizing more and more that I'm going to embrace each and every day as is if it's my last. I'll surround myself with positive influences, hug my kids a little bit longer, tell my family how much they mean to me as often as possible, and continue to inspire others NOT TO SETTLE. Although I have to go through some tough moments to get to that place of peace, I am confident I am on the right path.

My son Michael is doing great. Many of you have noticed he hasn't been on the show much this year, and he says his life was a little bit "boring" and therefore there wasn't a lot to film. He still working at Coto Insurance and is our life insurance specialist. I am proud of Mike as to the man that he has become and he has a bright future ahead of him.

My WinesbyWives company with Tamra is doing great too. Our memberships are growing daily and people are really excited about being part of a company that gives back to two great organizations. To find out more about our wine memberships and to register, please visit

Keep me in mind if you have recently been laid off or changed jobs and have a 401K you need to rollover, please email me at I look forward to assisting you.

Have a great week and don't forget to do a little "Woo hoo" now and then.


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