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The Big Picture

Vicki focuses on what really matters and thanks the fans for their support.

I'm sorry that it has been two weeks since I wrote to all of you. If I even started to let you know what I've been through and what is going on in my life. . .it would take up this entire blog. And most of you aren't here to read about that, you're here to read about my thoughts on what you have seen so far on our episodes. I am going to combine Episode 4 and 5 all into one blog.

To recap Episode 4 -- it was sad for me to see how Slade decided to make fun of Tamra and I. Why would Slade do that? Was it done so he would feel better about himself? There is nothing more to say other than, I would be extremely embarrassed if I was Gretchen. I mean really? What man makes fun of your girlfriend's friend's looks and body image? How embarrassing? Gretchen, thank you for sticking up for us, and I'm sorry you were put in the middle of it. I hold no grudges against you. . .so far. You were put in a really tough place and I think you handled it very well.

When Tamra came over to my house for breakfast and to catch up, it was the first time in a long time that I had a moment with her privately. She had no clue the stress I was going through with my fears about Briana's upcoming surgery and all my life issues, and I actually just needed to know that she was there for me and tell her my concerns about her and Gretchen's newfound BFF friendship. There are times in all of our lives, when we are givers and when we are takers. I was at the point where I couldn't really give much, but really just needed to "take," which is not typical for me. I'm usually one to "give" and am uncomfortable receiving -- however at this time in my life, all I really wanted was her time and for her to understand what I was going through. When I had the opportunity to tell her what I felt about her and Gretchen's newfound "relationship" I meant it. In one aspect I was really happy that they were finally burying the hatchet, and then, in another, my gut was telling me something didn't "sit right" with all of it.

Having date night with Briana to discuss her upcoming surgery, her thoughts on commitment, marriage, and my divorce, is time well spent together. One thing that I have been blessed with is a daughter who is wise beyond her years. She has been through a lot herself in the past few years, and always has a smile on her face and always tells me like it is. There is no grey area with her. She inspires me to look at the big picture of life, which is family and close friends, and to not let the things that don't really matter in the big picture weigh heavy on me.

I can definitely see Tamra's concern when she and Eddie were talking about moving in together and taking their relationship to the next level. Having three small children is not going to be easy on them. I know how difficult it was for Donn when we were married and moved in with one another. He had been a bachelor for 42 years and lived alone, so moving in together wasn't easy on any of us. I know that Eddie loves Tamra very much, and their ultimate goal is to live together under one roof (sooner rather than later). I believe the older the kids get, the easier it will be on all of them. Either way, I wish them the very best and I am sure they will make the right decision.

Our ratings for this season are amazing, which means all of you that are watching are interested and engaged into our crazy lives. Please be careful to judge any of us. We are simply giving you an edited version of our raw, transparent lives. We are real people, with real feelings, and sometimes as I'm sure you can understand life doesn't always unfold the way you have planned it to.

For those of you that have contacted me about your IRA or 401K rollovers, thank you for entrusting me with your accounts. For those of you that haven't, please do! I am a safe money advisor and in 22 years, not one of my clients has ever lost $1 due to non-guaranteed accounts. Please visit my website for any of your retirement planning needs at or email us at

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My feeling and beliefs are simple and true to my core. Treat others as you wish to be treated, try to look at the glass as half full -- and not half empty, hug someone that you just met, be forgiving instead of judgmental, smile a lot (it will confuse "them"), save more and spend less, be honest and don't lie, and do a little "woo hoo" once in a while.

I wish you all peace and thank you for taking the time to read my blog.


Lastly, Tamra and I are launching our new business venture called "Wines by Wives." It's a wine of the month club, which allows our viewers and fans to be able to receive a bottle of wine each month that we have each selected. It's going to be a lot of fun, so please visit the website and register to become a member.

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