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The Vicki Treatment

Vicki explains who paid for Brooks' chompers and has some thoughts about Tamra's engagement.

By Vicki Gunvalson

"Never let anyone tell you can't do something. If they do. . .create a plan to prove them 100 percent wrong."

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That quote is from my book, More than a Housewife. When I wrote that sentence, I had no idea I would be using that thought today to overcome some of the negative comments about Brooks and my life in general lately.

On this week's episode, you saw Brooks receive a new smile makeover. To me, it's much more than just new teeth -- it is a whole new look for him and I am so proud he took the courage to do it for himself.

I believe that men can benefit from a new look just as much as women, and should never be embarrassed or ashamed for wanting to improve their looks, which in turn boosts one's self confidence. Brooks had always told to me how much he loved my smile and that he wished he had straight white teeth. I told him that I thought veneers would look great on him and asked him if he wanted to get a consultation with my dentist Dr. Norman Heufner in Laguna Niguel, CA.

After we met with Dr. Huefner, Brooks decided to proceed with the smile makeover that Dr. Huefner promised Brooks. On the episode, it showed Brooks had a missing tooth and I want to clarify that this was not how he looked prior to the procedures. He did not have a missing tooth prior to seeing Dr. Huefner. He actually had that tooth extracted on purpose due to the tooth being not aligned with the others and to alleviate braces. Dr. Huefner felt it would make the process go from one year, down to just four weeks, which was amazing. The space was filled it with a bridge and veneers all along the top teeth, and was all accomplished in less than four weeks without having to do braces.

Also, just to set the record straight, I did not pay for them, nor would I ever. I was there strictly for emotional support to show him how proud I was that he committed to doing this for himself. Even though I encouraged him to do it, it was ultimately his decision, his choice and his financial obligation.

I believe that loving one’s self is part of love that we all need. We need to love ourselves first before we can love anyone else -- or before we can let anyone love us. I also believe that by loving ourselves and by being confident in ourselves, it will always lead to success.

I am all about success and being happy and right now I am happy.

I am also happy for Tamra that she is engaged to Eddie. I wonder, though, how she would feel if she had to listen to negative comments about Eddie as I have about Brooks. It gets tiring hearing about it, and it's getting to the point I don't want to read anything on the internet about him.

Tamra started most of the negative comments, which was uncalled for and downright mean. I will always have a very hard time forgiving her or for that matter and understanding why she started all this back-stabbing. I never asked her to "watch out for me." I never asked her to "protect me." And I never asked for her "approval" on who I am dating, just as she didn't ask my approval about Eddie. I would NEVER speak about Eddie the way that she did about Brooks. I have a lot to say about Tamra -- but I think I may hold that for my new book I am writing. . .I'll have to think about that.

So, what did you think about Slade hearing Gretchen's thoughts on him proposing? I have known Slade longer than Gretchen, or at least pretty darn close (seven years). For those of you that have followed the show from the beginning, you will remember Slade used to rent one of my rental properties -- so, I know Slade. I know he and Gretchen have said a lot of bad things about me, and now about Brooks. I am a fierce warrior but I am also human. I don't know if I feel bad for Slade or feel bad for Gretchen. Either way, relationships aren't easy. Even if you think you have it all handled and from the outside it looks amazing –- some times it's not.

Tonight was an easy night for me. I stayed out of trouble and only dropped in at the dentist to see Brooks. There is plenty of drama coming your way -- and when you see the finale and the reunion, you will totally know what I am talking about.

So right now, right here, as I write this -- yes, I am in a good place. I am happy and I am on the road to making my life more rewarding in every way -- career and personal life. My life is always under construction but I am the one doing the driving -- so I am OK and I will be OK. I hope you are OK, too.

I challenge all of you to live your life -- not through consequences, but by choice. I love life. I love success. And I love that I always have a choice in life to choose which road I take. You do, too. Don't let anyone ever take that away from you. If they do, tell me and I will definitely give them "the Vicki treatment."

I want to thank those of you who have sent me heartfelt emails and messages through my website and for your encouraging words. I love all of you for staying with me and being "Team Vicki." Thank you for all of your positve Tweets at @vgunvalson.

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