Gretchen is Independent

Gretchen is Independent

Gretchen discusses her fertility plans, her Rolls Royce, Lydia's mom, and Tamara's revealing speech.

Hi guys! Hope you are all doing great and had a great memorial holiday! We are so blessed to have so many brave soldiers like Ryan. God be with those families whose loved ones have been lost fighting for our freedom and for this great country. To all the military families out there we say thank you.

I didn't get a chance to blog last week, so I'll touch on a couple of things from that episode first.

Slade took me away for my birthday this year to a gorgeous hotel in San Diego and surprised me with many things that weekend. We had so much going on leading up to my birthday that it was so wonderful to get away and spend quality time together. The night before, Slade took me to a romantic dinner and surprised me with several special gifts, including the gorgeous "G" logo medallion that you see me wearing in most of my interviews. It was so special to me because he said he was so proud of what I have created and accomplished with the Gretchen Christine Collections that he wanted to present me with a symbol for all my hard work and success. It was so sentimental to have my logo custom made into a beautiful gold medallion! I love it so much, it's hard for me to take off!

With that said Slade also knew I had been working some very long hours and had a lot on my plate. He knew that the lease on my Mercedes was up and I was stressed about finding time to go look for another car. I've always said my dream car would be either a Bentley or a Rolls Royce, but he knew I would never spend the money on something like that right now because I'm so focused on building my companies. So when he received an email from Rolls Royce Newport Beach, letting him know about this amazing lease program they were offering, he took the opportunity to handle the paperwork, and go over the numbers with my financial management group. He simply wanted me to understand that I could do it if I really wanted too. At first I was confused and almost upset with him because I didn't understand what was happening, but once he explained the details during our little test drive and I learned the numbers for this special offer lease were not much more than my previous lease, I got what he was doing for me. He made it very clear, if I wanted it all I had to do was sign the paperwork. Regardless of what people say or like to assume, we make final decisions like this together. I found the gesture to be very thoughtful and sweet. It's nice to have a partner who listens to my dreams and wants to make it a reality for me. He wanted to take the stress off of me finding another car and also make my birthday memorable with such an incredible surprise!

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Gretchen's Rollin'!

Also I am beyond proud of the fact that I can pay for what I want and that I don't have to have a man doing it for me! That was my whole goal when I started my Gretchen Christine companies; I wanted to always be self sufficient and with Slade's support, I have accomplished just that!

Although a tough decision, I ultimately decided that car wasn't practical for running around town, going to work meetings, and to LA as often as I do. However something great did come out of the whole experience; Rolls Royce Newport Beach asked me to design a Limited Edition Gretchen Christine Ghost

I was beyond honored and excited! Since I love design and I love beautiful elegant cars like this, the whole process was a thrill for me. Needless to say I am very excited for when it comes in! Who would have ever guessed I would be adding "car designer" to my resume! We will be having a special event with Rolls Royce of Newport Beach to celebrate the launch of the Ghost "Gretchen Christine Edition" later this summer!

Now on to the Hot in Cleveland taping; First of all, I was so happy for Heather and this great opportunity! Even though I myself was taping that afternoon hosting a special segment for The Doctors and on top of that, I was scheduled to leave that night for work in Miami, it was important to me to show Heather support, so I decided to change my flight out of LA for the next A.M. so I could be there.

We also let Heather and Terry know that I had a prior obligation that day to host for The Doctors and would get there as quickly as possible after we wrapped taping. So everyone was aware we could be running a little late. Unfortunately my taping went over (like a lot of production does) and, honestly, I would think she would get that being in the business. By the time I was done, it was rush hour traffic and it took a long time to get across town.

However it's not like we just went MIA, we were texting with Terry the entire time and giving him a play by play of where we were at and what our estimated time of arrival was. Looking back, I guess I didn't even realize I needed to apologize because I felt like we had told them up front we could be behind, and then kept texting Terry with updates the whole time.

Since Slade and I talk about everything, I assumed Terry would tell Heather we were in constant communication and rushing to make it to set as quickly as possible, but I guess I was wrong. I certainly did not mean to hurt her feelings in anyway and if she needed an apology, I would of been happy to do so. I just didn't even know I had upset her till later.

What is hard to capture on camera is that the taping of Hot in Cleveland was close to five hours long and we were there for four of those five hours. They even brought in a comedian during the taping of the show to help entertain the audience because there is a lot of down time as they reset lighting and the different sets for the next scene. It was during one of those down times I got up and walked away with Slade to address an email that had to do with a surprise for Tamra's bachelorette party I was planning. I didn't want to blow the surprise because I was sitting next to Tamra. The company helping me with the surprise was leaving for a long weekend and they needed answers that night before they left the office. As soon as they said the actors where going back on, I was right there to watch Heather's scenes. We saw all of them except the very first one because of my prior hosting opportunity. End result, I think she did an amazing job and I made every effort to show up and support my friend. Although after hearing what she had to say this week about it, I'm sure many of you will be advising me too not be so quick to change my flight or rush from my own opportunities next time. LOL!

This week it was great to see Vicki be so supportive and happy with baby Troy and put her daughter's needs first. That's what grandmas are for! Can't imagine the pain Brianna was feeling thinking about her husband going off to war. Breaks my heart for her.

I'm happy to see Heather and Terry start to repair the issues they were having, and Terry's words were very sweet and exactly what Heather needed to hear. Looks like they are on the road to recovery. I told you they were a strong couple!

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Terry Apologizes

I do have to say I'm a little confused by Lydia and her mom's conversation though. Lydia, on one hand, is saying her mom was an absentee mom and her childhood was very crazy and hectic because of her mother's choices and she never really was there for her cause she was high all the time, but in the very next breath she's telling her mom she was a great mom and that she looks up to her and she is trying to be the mom she was to her to her boys. Huh? OK is anyone else as confused as I am? LOL. Well whatever it is, you can tell they both do love and care for one another and that's all that matters.

I'm very proud of Tamra for facing her fears and getting up and speaking about something so personal! I remember how nervous she was to do it. Although we spoke briefly about her speech, she didn't go into detail about what she shared. Honestly hearing some of the details helps me understand her a little better and I hope she continues to seek counseling about being closed off because it can be very confusing and hurtful to friends like me that care about her and try and really be there for her. I've realized that if you get too close to her, she sometimes just shuts down or in strange way almost sabotages the relationship, and you're not even sure what you did. I finally do question her about this later on, so stay tuned.

Keynote Speaker Tamra Barney
I was super nervous going to the fertility specialist but was also beyond relieved when he said everything looked good and my follicles were plump and my eggs were still kicking! I know too much info, but hey it's a reality show so we are expected to share it all! Dr. Acacio is a wonderful doctor and I am so excited to be going on this journey with him and his wonderful staff! Please visit his site if you are looking for an amazing fertility doctor. He has patients that fly in from all over the world to see him. Slade and I are very excited about starting a family of our own and this was just the first step we needed to really help us make a decision on the best way to conceive. I'm excited to have you guys go on this journey with us.

I'm just so excited about my latest project! My collaboration with Luxe by Lisa Vogel to bring you our Gretchen Christine for Luxe swimwear line! It Launches June 1 in retail stores, but pre-orders are available now, online at, Summer is just around the corner so be sure to check these out! We have styles for all body types!

Also I will making appearances at five different Swimspot Retail stores starting in June and would love to meet you guys!! Please visit my website for all things Gretchen Christine and to see my schedule for these appearances coming up!

As always I love talking with you guys through social media so Tweet me: @gretchenrossi (Twitter and Facebook). Or Instagram gretchenchristine1. You guys are the greatest!!

Till next week, much love and many blessings!

Gretchen Christine

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