Meet Lydia's Mom, the Flower Fairy

Meet Lydia's Mom, the Flower Fairy

Lydia introduces the world to her mother and reflects on just how much one should forgive.

Another week and another list of moments that I would change and moments that I laugh at.

First off, I would like to reiterate that when we filmed this Alexis and I were just becoming friends. I liked Alexis and I enjoyed my time with her, but at that point I started to see small contradictions in things she says. I was still trying to navigate my friendship with her and develop it. I think the viewers, particularly Alexis' fans, expect me to defend her to no end. Of course a true friend would always stand by a friend. But for me, back then, I was just trying to figure out why the ladies had such issues with her and where I stood with it all.

Alexis herself told me to ask all the ladies why they didn’t like her. I'm being authentic to Tamra and Heather when I say I'm friends with Alexis, but I do see contradictions in her. Looking back, I've learned that with this group of women in particular, you probably just need to pick a side. But I'm trying to be neutral. My personality is to get along with everyone. You will see as time goes on that I become more of an advocate for Alexis and try to bring her back into the group of ladies. I myself am not even a part of the group at this juncture so I wanted to figure out my place before I established Alexis'.

In regards to the verse about forgiveness. . .what I meant is just that: forgive. I don't think God desires for people to be in miserable situations and just stick it out. What I do think is that if Alexis is going to be running in a circle with these girls, she needs to forgive and move on. To be in the mind frame, "Oh I already forgave, it’s their turn now," is not a recipe for happiness. Not that I’m saying it’s easy to forgive or that I’m the expert at this. It’s definitely something I’ve struggled with in my life. I was just trying to encourage her to let it all go.

I agree with Jim, if she feels miserable and gets no joy out of her time with the girls, she should move on and not be around them. But if she wants to be part of the group, she needs to let the past go and forgive -- even if she has forgiven 1,000 times already.

You get to meet my mother this episode. Fairy dust! Fairy dust! My mom is a huge part of my life and who I am. We are extremely close and always giggle and have so much fun together. I love how she is adamant that she is a “Flower Fairy” and not “Tinkerbell.” Like, get it straight girlfriend! Many qualities that I see in myself that I like are from her. When my mom moved across the street from my family and me, she decided to stop smoking marijuana. She was very proud of this at first, and so I wanted to take her out to lunch and celebrate. Obviously, she is missing the Mary Jane and isn't too sure about the sober wagon. You will get to see a lot more of Judy as the season goes on.

My experience with Brooks has been extremely brief, but from watching this episode I’m going to say it: I like Brooks. I don't know why or what he did last season to have so many haters. Apparently, he did a lot. But from what I’ve seen, he seems charming. Vicki loves him and seems to be so happy when she is with him. I am an advocate for love and as long as she isn't hurting anybody they should date it up. Whoo Hoo V-Dog!

I think it is such a cool opportunity for Heather to get to live out her dream. She was a working actress before she became a mother and now to see she is doing it all is an inspiration. Being a mom and in the trenches with toddlers, I know it is a lot of work. Some days just getting a shower is a small feat. So, to get to have four small children and live out your passion on a sitcom is exciting. I do feel a little uncomfortable watching Terry and her fight. They are letting us all watch such an intimate moment. It is strange to see people you love not getting along. They are a strong couple that have shown nothing but love and laughter when Doug and I have hung out with them in the past.

Thank you all for the support and love. I appreciate the criticism to a degree as one degree.

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xoxo Lydia

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