Heather Gives Moms a Shout Out

Heather Gives Moms a Shout Out

Heather dedicates her blog to the other mothers in the O.C. -- as different as they all may be.

In honor of Mothers Day coming up on Sunday, I'd like to use my blog this week to honor my fellow Housewives.

Vicki, Tamra, Shannon, Lizzie, and Danielle are all exceptional parents. We may not all have the same parenting styles, but we share a common bond in the love of our children.


I have learned from all of these ladies and am very grateful for their helpful advice and friendship.

Briana, Michael, Ryan, Sidney, Spencer, Sophia, Sophie, Adeline, Stella, Preston, Kingston, Josh, Joe Jr and Kenzie are very lucky to be your children.

Wishing you all, as well as our viewers a beautiful Mothers' Day!

Until next week. . .

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