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Heather: I Did Owe Shannon an Apology

Heather explains why she's impressed with Shannon's guts -- and wonders why Tamra gets a free pass.

Sorry I've been MIA! I had an epidural to relieve the pain from my sciatica (I get one every year or so ...), and this time had a little complication. They poked a hole, and I ended up spilling spinal fluid into the epidural space for five days. Anyone that's ever had this will know it's a headache of epic proportions. Finally, I went back in, and they fixed it with a blood patch the day before we shot the Reunion! Ugh! I felt like I had been hit by a bus! I kept thinking, "Why couldn't I get Botox and filler before the Reunion like a normal Housewife?!?"

Anyway, glad to have it behind me. . .and the Reunion behind me for that matter. I think you will all agree it's a great end to a great season!

Since this has been a long season and so much was covered at the Reunion last week, I'm going to make just a few comments about tonight's episode. . .

Dinner party at Lizzie's part 2: If Shannon was looking for an apology from me, why at a dinner party? Why start the party with "do the Dubrows want to take us down"? Why not talk to me privately before the party? I ran into Shannon at the hairdresser a couple of hours before the party and we made polite conversation. I was sort of hoping we could have a nice time at Lizzie's party, put some distance between our troubles and THEN talk.

Having said that, I did owe her an apology. But that doesn't mean EVERYTHING is my fault. It seems every time Shannon has a reason to be mad at Tamra, she gets a pass and it gets deflected to me. I did realize that I haven't been able to let it go with Shannon, because I felt at this time that she was hurting my friendship with Tamra.

When Shannon stormed out of Lizzie's party she was obviously upset. I didn't go outside to see what was going on because clearly I was part of the problem and didn't want to make it worse.

I asked if we should call an ambulance because as the other women came back in the house they were talking about Shannon as if she was having a mental breakdown. After watching the footage, this clearly wasn't the case.

I thought it was gutsy of Shannon to come back in the house and say goodbye. Not many people would have done that.

Anyway, next week there are many laughs (thank goodness) and a bit if a twist in relationships. Hope you enjoy it!

Until then. . .

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