Heather: "Friendships Are Tested" This Season

Heather: "Friendships Are Tested" This Season

Heather talks Hawaii with Tamra and Vicki, discusses Shannon's "green" home, gives us a little insight into what to expect this season.

ALOHA! We are back!

I had so much fun going to Hawaii to film Hawaii Five-O. It's really hard for me to leave the kids behind, but I've gotten better at balancing. Especially with Collette in pre-school now, it's definitely the right time for me to be working.

Traveling with Tamra and Vicki is always an adventure. Two things to count on for sure -- Tamra will make me do something adventurous and completely out of my comfort zone, and Vicki will make me LAUGH.

Contrary to Vicki's comments, I have never been on a surfboard before and anyone that knows me knows I'm scared of the ocean. Whitewater rafting a few years ago almost pushed me over the edge! These waves in Waikiki felt like 20-foot waves to me, so it's funny to watch and see how tiny they were!


Building our new home...

Well, if you remember last season we sold our house and are now in the process of building a new one. It's been very fun to start over and do things differently this time.


As for Terry's closet. . .The man wears scrubs every day -- how much room could he possibly need?!?!

In all seriousness, Terry had a few special requests for this house and of course we incorporated them into the design... You will have to stay tuned and see for yourselves.Meeting Shannon...

I was excited to see Shannon's house because when you are building it's so helpful to see different elements and get ideas.

Shannon and I used the same builder, designer, and a lot of the same subcontractors. Even though we have different aesthetics, I thought her home was stunning and was thankful for the tour!


It's not often that adult women randomly pick up new friends, but I really enjoyed meeting Shannon and I thought we hit it off immediately. She was quirky, funny, very open and shared a lot of personal details with me that day about her marriage and family. So I made plans with her to meet up when I returned from Hawaii.

This season was eye-opening. I will tell you that perception is an interesting thing. . .I'm curious to see what you all think about the events that transpire. Alliances are made, friendships are tested, things are not always how they seem. Of course, you only see a portion of it, but I will fill you in as we go along on this journey together of #RHOC Season 9!

Now, it's back to my kids! I opted not to go to NY for press this week to promote the new season because my kids are on Spring Break! We are in Las Vegas, which I will tell you, Terry thought I was crazy to plan this trip and it's been AMAZING! So much fun at the pool, seeing shows, and going on rides at the Adventuredome! This place is surprisingly family friendly!

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