RHOC Reunion GIFs: Psychics, Opinions, and Shade

RHOC Reunion GIFs: Psychics, Opinions, and Shade

In Part 1 of the Reunion, Andy Cohen tries to solve ChairGate, Brooks drama, and who Shannon's dentist's psychic is.

Hello Orange County fans! The beach house is set and it's time to hash out all of our ChairGate traumas, email issues, opinions and more at the Season 9 Reunion. But first let's ask our dentist's psychic what he thinks about everything. . .


Well ours isn't (that he's told us about), but Shannon's is. Shannon shares that it was her dentist's psychic that told her she had lead a nation in another life.

But nobody told Vicki what a "Dirty Sanchez" was. . . until now.


While Vicki might not understand what a "Dirty Sanchez" is, she definitely knows what gay looks like -- and so Andy wants her to spell it out. Wait for it, wait for it.


Her definition: "Usually they're very, very very fit. They're usually very GQ looking. They're very poised. Not to generalize, but that was my viewpoint, and they have a little bit of gaydar going on." Not that Andy seems that way -- he's "all boy" to Vicki.


Moving from all boy to Vicki's girl. . .Andy and the ladies discuss Tamra's son Ryan and Vicki's daughter Briana leaving the nest. Over Skype Briana drops what might be the biggest bombshell of the Reunion.


Thankfully Vicki sent her lots of frozen Chicago food so she could be there in spirit.

Shannon gets a good laugh after Vicki's attempts to apologize to Oklahoma don't go over too well ("Positive: you have an amazing home for what you pay for.")


But she's not laughing for long as Andy tries to get to the bottom of the Shannon and Heather feud, starting at ChairGate. Heather recalls seeing Shannon in one of her "Shannon moments." What's a Shannon moment you say? It goes a little something like this. . .


Once we've moved past the "Shannon moment," it's time for a Vicki moment!


Yes that suggestive shoulder shake is for Vicki and Brooks. Vicki is shaking her shoulder and moving to happier times with Brooks, but she's less pleased with Tamra for the things she's said about her man.


Well know might not be the right word. . .

rhoc-919-10.gifWhen Vicki tries to close the door on the Brooks topic, Tamra is aghast -- and presents us with a head shake for the ages.


But Brooks isn't the only man the 'Wives were talking about. Shannon's husband David and Heather's husband Terry joined the couches. Though both men had lost some pounds, they hadn't shed their weighty issues with each other.


After sorting out the email (and David explaining why he chose to put such sensitive thoughts out via the world wide web), the topic turned to something Tamra was surely looking forward to discussing -- the "take the Beadors down" comment.


When talk turns back to the email, Tamra shares the first thing that popped into her head when she found out that Shannon had heard about Heather reading the email.


Heather's response. . .


After going deep on the email, things were looking a little better, until they started trying to define the kicking someone out of the house. To Shannon: "We're done please leave equals you kicked me out of your house. The semantics game is just crazy to me."


Tamra wonders why she's taking all the heat for calling Shannon crazy.


Shannon's sick of everyone saying she should be on meds. . .


And sick of Terry talking about David's comments -- and of Vicki flirting with David.


And all of that is just Part 1! Tune in next week to see what happens next!


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