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Can Shannon Ever Trust Tamra Again?

Shannon explains what happened with the email from David and her disappointment in Tamra in betraying her trust.

By Shannon Storms Beador

I'm having trouble even finding words for this episode. Things happened that I didn't think were possible. I went through a three-day period where I felt ambushed at every turn. Let's dive in...

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Before I went to Tamra's house, I had told her that David sent me an email suggesting that he move out. He NEVER suggested divorce and it is so upsetting that Tamra exaggerated this in her interviews and to Heather. Also, to set the record straight, David apologized for sending the email to me 24 hours later. Tamra left a luncheon with Heather and I went to her home right after that. Heather stayed at the restaurant and met some of her friends. David sent me a text telling me that Tamra had betrayed my confidence with Heather.

You see Tamra denying that she said anything to Heather. In her interview, Tamra states that she would never tell Heather anything about me because we were "enemies" and "Why would I go and tell Heather Dubrow anything about the enemy? That would make me look like a big giant a--hole." She did tell Heather. I told Tamra that I "believed her 100-percent" because in my mind, there was no way my new friend would betray me like that. But she did.

A few days later when Tamra realized I knew the truth, she asked to meet with me. She explained that she told Heather about my argument with David and his email in an effort to create sympathy for me. This excuse makes no sense because if that were truly her intent, she did not have to give her all of the details and inaccurate ones at that. I have multiple issues going at the same time with Tamra. First of all, she betrayed my confidence. Second, she looked into my eyes and lied to me. And finally, she gave incredibly personal information to someone I would not have confided in. I didn't want a false rumor to start around town that my husband was leaving me. I couldn't imagine what such a rumor would do to my children. While Heather certainly doesn't owe me anything, I was hopeful that if we had a conversation "mother to mother" she would confirm the truth -- that Tamra told her about the email David sent me. "Pick a side" versus "pick a lane." They mean the same thing to me. Maybe you feel differently...

I have never in my life been asked to leave a home or any public place. I was physically and emotionally exhausted when I arrived at Heather's home. I didn't have any energy to argue with her, let alone yell at her. It was disturbing for me to see Terry standing in the background with various expressions on his face. I never knew he was there. Heather states, "If you told Tamra about an email and if Tamra repeated the information to me, why are you mad at me?" The easy answer -- I wasn't mad at Heather. I wanted to know if Tamra had repeated what I had said in complete confidence. I understand Heather's loyalty to Tamra and that my expectation of learning the truth may have been very unrealistic. However, my conversation with Heather did not warrant the treatment I received.

Moreover, I am dumbfounded that Heather would tell Tamra that I never apologized for what happened at my Christmas party. As you saw, I said I was sorry more than once. Heather says that she texted me after I was told to exit her house. She absolutely did. Why would I under any circumstance respond to a text that was sent five minutes after I was kicked out of a home?


This was an emotional episode for me. I am most upset about Tamra's betrayal and the fact that she could look me in the eye and lie to my face. I appreciate that she owned what she did and took responsibility for it, but I don't know if I can ever trust her again.

On a more positive note, receiving the email has put a tremendous focus on what is most important and that is my marriage. David and I have a long, bumpy road ahead and I am hopeful that some of you can relate and take the ride with us as we start to learn some life-changing lessons. The drama keeps coming.

Be sure to tune in next week! XO

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