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Vicki Advises Shannon to Keep Communication Lines Open

Having been there herself, Vicki knows what it takes to keep open honesty going in a marriage. She shares her advice with Shannon and David.

By Vicki Gunvalson

Adios, Amigos -- goodbye, Puerto Vallarta.

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Tonight's episode was the conclusion of our trip to Puerto Vallarta. It was fun for me to take our group to Paso Ancho where I have a lot of friends who live there. It's a small village town outside of the town of Puerto Vallarta and I have known the owner of the horses for over 25 years. I have a lot of history in that tiny village and even bought those horses that we rode on for my friend so he could have a business and make a living. I used to gift him money a few times a year, but after doing that a few years in a row, I realized I wasn't giving him a source of income that he could duplicate on his own -- I was just helping him and his family financially survive. It's the story of giving a fisherman fish to feed his family, or give the fisherman a fishing pole and TEACH him how to fish. For my friend Antonio, gifting him those horses gave him a way to make a living for himself, his wife and their three children. It's truly a blessing to see after 12 years the horses are still strong, healthy and he has a great horseback riding business now from my gift to him.

I don't claim to know everything about staying "happily married for a lifetime" -- but what I do know is what NOT to do. Sometimes it takes us to be removed from a relationship as I have been in order to see the mistakes that were done which caused the demise of the marriage. You can see more clearly what could have been done in order to save it.

I've been encouraging Shannon and David to listen to each other's needs and to keep the communication lines open in order to strengthen their marriage. I know they both love each other a lot and want to make their marriage work, which is what’s needed in order to make it last a lifetime. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of truth serum and honesty (which is what David did on the episode), to be sure the other one hears what you're really feeling.I completely understand how Eddie feels about not wanting a baby. I mean, marrying a woman with four children is enough stress to get used to and then add on starting a fitness studio all while being married for only a year. I give him a lot of credit as it seems like he handles it really well despite all the changes that have occurred in his life in the past few years.


I am glad that Tamra came to my office to tell me the truth about what happened with sharing the information about David's email to Shannon. I was afraid she wasn't going to "own it," and am glad she did. I understand where she was coming from after hearing that she really didn't have any ill intent towards Shannon when telling Heather about it. In any event, I think she learned her lesson on this.

Lastly, I'm in Oklahoma right now counting down the days for my second grandson to be born. I flew my mother out here from Chicago to experience the birth of Briana's new baby boy. He is expected to arrive in this world on Wednesday by C-section assuming she doesn't go into labor prior to that. Let's just say Briana is counting down the hours as she is READY to get this baby out of her. I'll keep everyone posted on the name and weight once he's born. Thank you all for keeping Briana is your prayers for a healthy delivery.

I appreciate all your nice comments and support this year. I am a "work in progress" just like everyone else, and am very blessed to have amazing people in my life who love and support me and my choices. Please continue to visit my new website for updates on my business and new "things" I am working on which I can’t wait to share with all of you: Don't forget to visit for any insurance related questions you may have or need. We are always here to assist you!

Have a great week!

Love, Vicki

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