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Dr. Terry Dubrow Explains How the Dubrow Diet Is Different From “Really Dumb” Keto

The Dubrow Diet soared to instant popularity — and while it may sound like the Keto diet, it's different.

By Alesandra Dubin
What Is the Dubrow Diet? Terry and Heather Dubrow Explain

The Dubrow Diet is flying off shelves right now — having quickly soared to a No. 1 ranking in the world on Amazon. Its co-authors Heather Dubrow and Terry Dubrow recently provided The Feast with a digest — their "elevator pitch" — on the hotly anticipated book. Basically, what is the Dubrow Diet? One thing it's definitely not, Terry explained, is Keto.

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"This is a diet where you can eat the foods you like to eat. And you also get to cheat on this diet. It's not like those other diets. Keto diet is the best example," he told The Feast at Bravo HQ in NYC. "With the Keto diet, you do go into fat as fuel stage like you do with this diet, but you eat high-fat foods, low carbs, low protein — it's completely not sustainable."

He had more to say about the Keto diet that Americans are so obsessed with right now. "I think the Keto Diet — no offense to those who like it — I think it's kind of dumb. Physiologically... as a doctor...  it's really dumb. If you want to block up your coronary arteries and get a heart attack. So this is a diet you eat the way you normally do. It's when you do it and of course we adjust how we do it."

The doctor is not the only Bravo-affiliated personality to use that same highly scientific word to describe Keto — Andy Cohen also called it "dumb."

Heather, of course, agrees with her husband and co-author. "In practical terms, I don't like the Keto diet. It's not sustainable and the thing about the Keto diet is, the minute you cheat, it's over, you're out of that ketotic state and any result you had is absolutely gone," she told us. "What we have done [with the Dubrow Diet] is turned this interval eating into such a good, practical way for anyone to do, and given you your favorite foods. You have to cheat. So we give you three tracks: There's a slow track, a medium track, and a fast track. We like the fast track — it's a 16-hour non-feeding period. But you still have calories during that period of time, and then you get your cheat meal, snack, or day, depending on what track you're on."

So why are people so obsessed with a diet that by now is widely considered flawed by many health professionals?

"I think because a lot of celebs get behind it. And I would tell you," Terry said, "Never listen to diet advice from celebrities."


He quickly followed up: "No, I'm kidding!"

—Reporting by Jocelyn Vena

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