Does Pregnant Gretchen Rossi Drink a Little Wine?

Does Pregnant Gretchen Rossi Drink a Little Wine?

Pregnant Real Housewives of Orange County alum Gretchen Rossi discussed the sensitive topic with Instagram followers.

By Alesandra Dubin
Gretchen Rossi

Pregnant Gretchen Rossi may not have a huge baby bump in comparison with other pregnancies — especially in the earlier stages — but The Real Housewives of Orange County has taken time to reassure fans and followers time after time that she is definitely eating nevertheless. In fact, "I've been eating a lot you guys," she shared on Instagram while digging into a hearty bowl of macaroni and turkey meat.

Now, Gretchen's back with an update on not just what she's eating in pregnancy — but what she's drinking. And more specifically... what she's not drinking. She took to her social media feed to engage fans in a discussion about drinking alcohol during pregnancy — a sensitive and highly controversial matter: Although The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the American Pregnancy Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics, all recommend that pregnant women avoid wine altogether — some pregnant women feel comfortable with light, occasional consumption as a safe approach. Gretchen is not one of those women.

"Because it took me so long to get preggo I have been extra cautious about what I put in my body while preggo!" she wrote. "I haven’t had one sip of alcohol (even though some docs allow a glass here and there)."

Instead, she says she's been drinking a lot of Ice Age Glacial water during pregnancy, "and I swear my skin looks better, and my back doesn’t hurt as much (because I am so hydrated now)." The brand supplied water not just for Gretchen's pregnancy, but for her guests at her lavish baby shower as well.

Opening up the conversation — a.k.a. can of worms — to her nearly 800,000 Instagram followers, she asked, "Curious did you guys have a glass here and there, or did you just drink water while preggo?"

Needless to say, the comments were passionate and varied. But some noted their similar approach to Gretchen's based on their shared experience with IVF. One wrote, "I didn’t drink a single sip of alcohol during my pregnancy.Having an IVF Baby makes you extra careful and don’t want to take a risk of any kind, right?Way to[o] expensive and the few embryos we had way too precious."

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