Terry Dubrow Explains Why The Dubrow Diet Is “Not a Fad” — In Fact, "It's Not Even Really a Diet"

Terry Dubrow Explains Why The Dubrow Diet Is “Not a Fad” — In Fact, "It's Not Even Really a Diet"

Dr. Terry Dubrow explains there's even a Nobel Prize to prove the science behind the Dubrow Diet.

By Jenny Berg

Copies of The Dubrow Diet are selling as fast as its authors claim its readers can shed pounds by following it. But if you think this diet is just the (low-cal) flavor of the month, Terry Dubrow begs to differ. 

When dishing on the new book with The Feast, the Botched doctor explained why interval eating is way more than just a passing craze. 

"This diet is not a fad diet; it's not even really a diet," Terry said. "it's a lifestyle. It's based on pure science. In fact, a Nobel prize in medicine was given for this science two years ago, with the discovery of the fact that if you eat in certain intervals, and then you don't eat in other intervals, then it sends your body into a state of anti-inflammation, it's cell renewal and cell recharging, and you preferentially use fat as fuel every single day, rather than sugar. So, you immediately start breaking down your fats."

He continued, That's why it works so quickly. That's why it's so effective. That's why it's so anti-aging, and you have no appetite. This is one of those diets that once you get past the initial sort of difficult phase, that we give you tips on how to get through very easily, then you're free from your appetite. You're in control of your appetite rather than it being in control of you." 

So there you have it from the doctor himself: The Dubrow Diet is "not even really a diet" — and it's definitely not "really dumb" Keto!

—Reporting by Jocelyn Vena 

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