20 GIFs That Prove #RHOP Is Everything We Ever Needed

20 GIFs That Prove #RHOP Is Everything We Ever Needed

"People come for me all the time, they just don't find me." Need we say more?  

This Season on The Real Housewives of Potomac...
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Sunday night, The Real Housewives of Potomac entered the world and changed all our lives for the better. Between the shade for days, etiquette reads, and sassy one liners we can't get out of our heads, all we have to say is...

Here are the 20 times our new 'Wives were, in the words of Karen Huger's tagline, EVERYTHING. 

1. When Gizelle left Potomac.

2. When Katie gave us this lesson in modesty.

3. And described ball and gala season like this.

4. When Robyn explained her marital woes like this.

5. When Karen described her husband.

6. And gave us this great life advice.

7. When Charrisse talked about her good friend Karen.

8. When Karen had to go up steps.

9. Gizelle explained Karen's level of diva.

10. When Katie's priorities were on point.

11. When Gizelle made this astute observation.

12. When Karen said this about her...selves.

13. When Gizelle made this 'Empire' reference.

15. When Charrisse threw this shade.

16. When Gizelle just wanted everyone on her level.

17. This read.

18. When Gizelle put Karen's gift to good use.

19. And reminded everyone of this simple truth.

20. And finally...


21. **BONUS**

Could Katie's son be cuter?! (The answer is above). Watch out Mr. President, James Rocco is coming for you this election season.


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