8 Things You Didn't See on the #RHOP Girls' Trip

What really happened after Michael Darby showed up? Find out all the drunk #RHOP debauchery you missed after hours at the Darby beach house! 

RHOP 'Wives Gone Wild: What Happened After The Gay Club
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The Real Housewives of Potomac ladies' trip to Bethany Beach wasn't exactly smooth sailing. In fact, it was more like their attempts to surf - basically lots of bumps, bruises, and knock downs along the way:

But, the ladies really got sloshed after their gay club debacle! That's right, the night didn't end with Karen Huger's note to motherf---in' self. The ladies opened up evem more than in their Sister Circle as the alcohol kept flowin' and the night raged on. Check out everything you didn't see after hours at the Darby beach house. 

1. Dancing abounded.

We mean LOOK at Charrisse Jackson Jordan with that plate. 

2. Robyn got real serious about her partying.

Okay, maybe seriously joking. 

3. We learned Gizelle's true feelings about Michael.

Gizelle Bryant isn't one to hold back as it is...

4. And her thoughts on Ashley.

Suffice it to say, Gizelle' wasn't a big fan of the Darbys at this moment. 

5. We found out Robyn thinks Michael is the cutest.

Like, THE cutest. Like, Elf on the Shelf cute. Watch outAshley Darby!

6. Katie was apparently on Team Michael Should Stay the whole time.

If it wasn't clear already, Katie Rost needed a break from all girls weekend. Well, maybe just one girl in particular...

7. But Katie persevered in the end and partied on.

We'll let you guess who that "her" was.


8. Karen and Gizelle had a breakthrough.

Could it be? Could all the Potomac 'Wives be getting along? We'll see next week...

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