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Robyn: A Fun Evening Turned Into a Huge Attack

Robyn Dixon takes a moment to explains her comments about race, and continues to be dumbfounded by Katie Rost's accusations. 

By Robyn Dixon
Ashley's Husband Grabs Katie's Boyfriend's Butt Do you see yourself married to Juan in the future?Robyn DixonIt is quite possible that Juan and I could get married again in the future. We just need to make a strong effort to give each other the love and attention needed in order to foster a much better and more loving relationship than we had before. We have been through so much and have grown so much through our experiences so I am able to keep the past in the past and not hold grudges against him for his behavior as a young man. Today, we are in a much better place and love and appreciate each other more than ever, we just need to get that romance and passion back!

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Will Robyn Dixon Be Leaving Potomac? What was going through your mind when he told you that he was staying in Maryland?

RD: I definitely had mixed emotions when Juan told me that he would be staying in Maryland. On one hand, I was disappointed for him that he did not get the job and would not be able to move forward with his career over the next basketball season. I know how passionate he is about coaching and how badly he wanted that job so I know it was a major letdown for him. But on the other hand, I was actually relieved that he would be staying in Maryland with the kids and I. Our boys really thrive when he is around; Juan is such a huge part of their daily lives. And honestly, I would have missed having him around every day!

Tell us about the conversation with Katie Rost and Ashley Darby after the butt grabbing. Were you surprised everything got so heated?

RD: How in the world did we go from butt grabbing to an intense racial identity accusation in less than two seconds?! I’d first like to explain my comment, because it surely was taken too seriously and in this racially sensitive world we are living in today, it needs to be explained. I wasn’t trying to create a racial stir by asking if Michael’s grabbing of Andrew’s butt was a “white guy thing.” I really was just trying to throw Michael a lifeline, because what other good explanation is there for a straight, married man to grab another man’s butt? Hmmmm? And the way Ashley and Katie just brushed the butt grabbing off made me even more confused. I know I would have been incredibly shocked had someone told me they saw Juan grab another man’s butt. And had another man grabbed Juan’s butt, that man wouldn't just have been able to walk away like it was nothing. But no, Katie and Ashley acted like that was something normal that happened all the time – hence my question.

I was very shocked that Katie got so charged up about my lighthearted comment and turned a fun evening into a huge racial attack. I just didn’t even see the connection between my butt grabbing comment and my racial identity. Calling me biracial as if it was a fighting word was so dumbfounding, especially since I had already had a conversation with Katie about my racial background. And it was especially dumbfounding coming from a biracial woman who should understand the definition of “biracial” and that black people come in many different shades. How did you feel when Katie told you that you needed to get your genealogy checked out and her comments about your obsession with race?

KR: Again, I was very dumbfounded when Katie told me that I need to get my genealogy checked out. Not once did I deny that I have white ancestry or say that I was “straight out of Africa.” These comments show Katie’s extreme ignorance regarding the history of black people in America. It is clear that I not only have black ancestry, but also white, Native American, and who knows what else in me! However, both of my parents are black and everyone that came before them classifies as black. I really don’t want to get into a history lesson, and thank goodness for the internet, but I suggest Katie and anyone else confused by my blackness to look up the “one-drop rule.” And if Katie thinks that I am so racially obsessed, I think that Katie is extremely racially sensitive. It’s clear that the simple mention of race freaks Katie out and I’m not sure why. Maybe she has her own issues with her race and identity that she needs to sort out before wrongly attacking other people.

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