Gizelle: Monique Should Do Less Talking and More Listening

Gizelle: Monique Should Do Less Talking and More Listening

Gizelle Bryant dishes on being kicked out of Monique Samuels' and supporting Robyn Dixon. Tell us about being kicked out – again.

Gizelle Bryant: Well well well, Gizelle and Kal get kicked out AGAIN. Shocker...I mean, is it something we said? LOL! I actually had one foot in the car and the key in the ignition when I got "kicked" out of the backyard hoedown. I love spending time with my girlfriends, laughing, and drinking but I don't want to do it while being micromanaged by people who don't know what a joke looks or smells like. What do you think about Charrisse and Ashley's store blow up now that you have gotten to see it this episode?  

GB: If I could have been a fly on the wall at the dress shop or just hiding in one of the dressing rooms. I would have paid good money to have seen this go down. Little Miss Ashley's neck was rolling and eyes were popping. I live for a good popcorn moment and this seemed like the butter was poured on thick and hot, sea salt was flying all over the place. Now, there is a fine line between having a heart to heart talk with a girlfriend to help her see areas of concern that need to be addressed and just being flat out nosey and inappropriate. Ashley, girl, you crossed over the line while doing a backflip and the harlem shake. Charrisse WAS NOT ready. Tell us about your chat with Charrisse -- were you able to really bond over your similar situations? 

GB: Whether we like it or not Charrisse and I have so much in common. We can really help each other navigate through many of the issues that life has brought us. I don't necessarily open up and share "my story" to everyone because it's such old news, but when I think my story can help someone else then I'm more than willing to share. What do you think about Monique crying and comparing you to her mother-in-law? 

GB: Didn't see Monique's crocodile tears coming because she presents in such a "my life is great so let me just giggle" type of way. It was actually refreshing to see a vulnerable side to her. Now comparing me to her mother-in-law was hilarious. I mean, I look nothing like her. However, I believe that her pastor, mother-in-law and myself all have something in common -- we would just like Monique to do less talking and more listening. You have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Tell us about your and Charrisse's sit down with Robyn- what did you think of her answers? Do you think this is what she really wants? 

GB: I know that Robyn wanted Charrisse and I to be friends again, but I'm sure she didn't think her relationship with Juan would be the reason why. If I have said it once, I have said it a million times. I love Robyn, I want her to be happy, and I want to see her winning. She deserves the best that life has to offer. However, SHE has got to want it. We cannot want it for her. I understand that finding what's best for you is a process and I'm there for her every step of the way.

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