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Karen Huger: I Had No Idea Ashley's Marriage Was so Troubled

Karen Huger explains why trusting Gizelle Bryant with her boudoir shoot was a mistake and gives her reaction to Ashley's marital issues.

Karen Huger's Boudoir Shoot Tell us about this boudoir shoot! Were you nervous?

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Karen HugerI think every woman should embrace where she is in life, after all, 50 is the new 30! Halle Berry, Angela Bassett and Michelle Obama, are just a few woman slaying it in their fifties. Little do the the other ladies realize, especially Gizelle Bryant, how wonderful the journey of life is.

We’re about to celebrate our 20th anniversary. We’ve given each other many gifts through the years, I wanted this gift to capture where I am now in life and in our relationship. Hiring a photographer for a private photo shoot to gift Ray was the perfect anniversary gift. I wanted to get a second opinion about what to wear at the photoshoot so I invited Gizelle to go shopping with me. In hindsight, I’m questioning whether that may have been a mistake, especially when I heard her asking the sales woman “whether woman my age shop there?” Even the sales woman looked at here like she was CUCKOO. I’m curious as to why Gizelle always makes negative comments behind a person’s back when she could easily speak directly to that person. In Gizelle’s world, she talks to herself so she can have a “HER” opinion only conversation; this way she keeps her glass house intact. We’ve been friends too long for her to try this with me and it’s not a good quality, it makes her look “REALLY UGLY” and two-faced. Since I've known Gizelle for many years, I forgive her, this time. Honestly, Gizelle is too old to fuel the VERY ignorance that divides women. Truly confident women just don’t speak like that. Of course, the day of the shoot Gizelle came “ALL LEOPARD DOWN” posing any and all sorts of ways for the photographer, ready to make it about her. It was laughable, POOR GIZELLE. I’m not giving up, I want to believe there is hope for her yet. What was your impression of Kevin?  Why do you think Kevin’s too nice for Gizelle?

KH: It was nice to meet Kevin, quite the gentleman, successful, intelligent, loads of fun and he’s ready for a committed relationship. Gizelle admittedly doesn’t know what she wants. Kevin is a very nice guy who has been in the infamous friend zone with Gizelle for many years and that’s where she’s kept him. I liken Gizelle’s search for Mr. Right to that of her many drive-thru experiences at McDonald's; she’s not satisfied with a small cheeseburger she wants fries and a milkshake as well. Gizelle wants the "COMBO MAN ORDER," a big old rough guy with lots of money on the side please - THANK YOU. What did you think of Ray’s dating advice for Gizelle? 

KH: Ray and I had a great time double dating. I love the dating advice Ray gave Gizelle; he’s coming from a very genuine place and wants all good things for her. In typical Gizelle form, I find her having yet another me-myself-and-I conversation, this time her target is my Hubby. I don’t believe Gizelle means any harm, however, her self-destructive antics with the name calling is childish, unnecessary and disrespectful.

Ashley Has an Epic Stand Off With Hubby Michael Over OZ What is like watching this breakdown betweenAshley Darby and Michael? What do you think about their issues?

KH: I had no idea Ashley ‘s marriage was so troubled. The fight between Michael and Ashley was sad to watch. They both said horrible things to one another that they can never erase. During the girl’s conversation at OZ, I immediately sensed a sadness in Ashley. I know Ashley can be a pot stirrer but in the past few weeks, the stirring has been over the top, even for Ashley. I believe there had to something motivating her attacks on her friend’s personal relationships. You seemed to sense the tension in Ashley, what do you think of her admission that she might be taking her marriage issues out on the girls? 

KH: Ashley admitting that she was taking her marital issues out on us explains her recent behavior. I believe Ashley to be a good person and while we've had our disagreements it pains me to see her in hurting. I believe forgiveness is in order here, after all, "hurt people hurt people"

The last few episodes have really brought our friendships as women together although at times it has almost torn us apart! You may or may not agree with some things we say and do, however, we are challenging ourselves to live the fullest lives we can and doing so now for all see...Keep watching as we laugh, cry and drive each other crazy, wouldn't change it for a hot Potomac minute!

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