Karen: Is Charrisse Talking About My Money Because She's Broke?

Karen: Is Charrisse Talking About My Money Because She's Broke?

Karen Huger explains her side of the Bermuda showdown with Charrisse Jackson Jordan. 

Bravotv.com: Tell us about this come together lunch betweenMonique Samuels andGizelle Bryant – why did you host it and how do you feel it went?  

Karen Huger: I like both Gizelle and Monique which is why I had hope that inviting Gizelle and Monique to lunch at my now fave place, Summer House, would give them that much-needed face to face time to discuss their differences and agree to move forward with their relationship.  It could have worked out famously if the uninvited “miss stitched up” (aka Charrisse Jackson Jordan) had not interrupted and flip the conversation to make it all about her and what she was going through. Both Gizelle and Monique were so concerned about Charrisse that they didn’t get one step closer toward resolving their pettiness toward one another. So I will invite these two, Gizelle and Monique, to get together and do something fun...but you’ll just have to wait to see how that turns out...what I can share is its VIP-only for only us three ladies!

Bravotv.com: Tell us about potentially leaving Potomac after so many years – you seemed ready to finally move in this episode?

KH: Ray and I are excited about the starting the next chapter in our lives together. Now that the house has sold we need to decide where we want to live next. Finding the right home in Potomac is challenging. Moving out of Potomac is becoming a real possibility.  Wherever we move, it’s going to be the right house for us, since home is where your heart is, mine has and will always be a part of Potomac.

Bravotv.com: What do you think about Charrisse’s comments on the price of your home and your new search?

KH: I have been told that obsession is a form of flattery, however, Chrarisse’s obsession with my life is very weird and her comment on the price of my home was so typical for her. Charrisse’s thoughts concerning my life are irrelevant, although everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If I were her though, I wouldn't be so quick to throw stones at others given she has no idea how her finances will play out. Charrisse is quick to comment on how others are spending their money but she never talks about her own money.  Is that because she’s worried about home, and if that she’s going to have to move out? And if she’s broke? Projection honey, maybe she should chat with her therapist about that…

Bravotv.com: Explain the tension between you and Charrisse — was it because she was taking credit for the idea? 

KH: I probably got a little extra with her at the party, but I was not going have her act as if she came up with the idea to host a trip to Bermuda because that couldn’t have been further from the truth - which is why I had to check her; and so I did. The tension was over immediately after we got back to the real reason why we were all there, which was to celebrate Miss Milani.

Bravotv.com: Tell us about your talk with Charrisse and telling her she is not co-hosting. Do you feel it went as you hoped? 

KH: Regardless of any tension, I graciously invited Charisse to my home to get the matter resolved like a grown woman. That is hardly what I got back in return. Charrisse was well aware that it was my idea to host the event. I only offered to allow her to assist me because she seemed so enthusiastic about the idea and helped to agree on the location of Bermuda. Granted Charrisse is going through some things and probably feels she needs to have her hand in as many pots as she can to not deal with the fact that her husband has flown the coup and doesn’t want her anymore. Who knows...someone must have told her to stay busy, but one would think with positive things not drama, but hey, it is all good. Girl get your life because I am certainly going to turn up and have some fun in Bermuda.

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