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Ashley Darby Clarifies What *Those* Photos of her Husband Michael Really Were

Plus, the young Housewife doubles down on those Blue Eyes rumors. 

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Ray Asked Karen Huger For a Divorce?!
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Sign Up for Free to View Tell us about opening up to the ladies about your problems with your mom at dinner – what did you think of [cast_bio_link id="1092591" label="Gizelle Bryant"]Gizelle[/cast_bio_link]’s advice?

[cast_bio_link id="1092641" label="AD"][/cast_bio_link]: Being in a group of ladies who are mostly mothers gives me a great deal of perspective when mending the relationship with my own mom. Though I realize our situation is unique to Mom and me, it's comforting to have women who show genuine concern and offer their sage advice. When Gizelle said I needed to work on tough love to actually help both my marriage and familial relationships, it reiterated what Michael advised. It reaffirmed that I need to set these boundaries for the betterment of everyone involved, and the self-imposed guilt I felt was not serving me during this process. What is your take on [cast_bio_link id="1092611" label="Karen Huger"]Karen[/cast_bio_link] clashing with Gizelle and[cast_bio_link id="1092631" label="Robyn Dixon"]Robyn[/cast_bio_link] at dinner the first night?

AD: I was so confuddled as to what caused Robyn and Karen to start using all types of French words in that fancy French restaurant! Then when Karen brought up Ray and how he feels about this situation, I started to see things a little more clearly. The Hugers are going through a tough time right now, and the soft spots are extra soft. While I don't feel as though the "dizzy bitch" comment was warranted to Robyn, a hurt person feels the need to lash out at someone close to them. A few glasses of champagne helps to awaken those inner feelings. Two things I was left with: (1) I'm glad Karen is in therapy during this ordeal; (2) whose panties is Robyn wearing if not her own? That was a new one! Tell us about connecting with Robyn on the obstacle course – have you two moved on?
AD: The obstacle course was a great bonding activity for all of the gals because we got to focus on something exciting and adrenaline-inducing together, instead of sliding weaves and brown peens. For Robyn and I, who have had a rocky start from the beginning of our relationship, it was a great chance to hang out and see different sides of each other. Out of everyone in the group I think we're the most physically-inclined so that naturally helped to fortify our burgeoning relationship. I think good things are to come between Rabyna (her nickname) and me. What were you thinking when Robyn brought up the four drinks comment with [cast_bio_link id="1119011" label="Monique Samuels"]Monique[/cast_bio_link]? Do you believe Monique?
AD: I knew this was going to come up when we sat down and Blue Eyes became a topic of conversation, and I didn't expect Monique to be receptive to having the discussion about how many drinks we'd had. The focus was not so much how many drinks we consumed (I had four beers as well), it was about discussing if Monique is grappling with things in her life and drinking more than usual. It's nothing to be ashamed of, as we all have different coping mechanisms. Rather than be defensive or hide behind another reason, it's okay to be upfront and consider what's being said. Monique and I had a fun lunch with some bevvies and it resulted in a scary ordeal. I hope she thinks about the reason I brought it up as opposed to getting defensive that I did so. Tell us about this clash with Karen — were you surprised she brought the Blue Eyes issue up? What do you think about her bringing up Michael?
AD: I still don't understand how Karen can keep up this charade. She deserves a nod from the Academy for this performance! "And the award for most delusional woman of the year goes to..." (Also nominated for her performance as Cousin It in "Bubbles and Barbecue!")

That internet rumor was a fabricated story made up by someone who has never met my husband and chose a random white man to pretend to be Michael. On the other hand, there have been many sightings of Karen doing her thang around Potomac with this fellow. But like I said - if Karen and Ray have an arrangement, more power to them!

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