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Ashley Darby On Creating Her Original Song for Michael "Coffee and Love"

A Housewife single has DROPPED - "Coffee and Love" is currently available on iTunes and Spotify. Tell us about choosing to be the catalyst of positivity in your marriage — where do you find the strength to do that?
Ashley Darby: I love thinking of how much my marriage can blossom when Michael and I are on the same page, loving each other and tackling life's problems together. That's the greatest motivator for me, knowing the potential of what we can achieve. Studying the principles of yoga and internal reflection has helped me understand that my perspective is the driving force behind everything in life. I choose to anticipate the best instead of the worst. That wasn't and isn't always the case, but I'm working toward being a more compassionate person every day. Were you nervous about the open mic night with Michael and the ladies and your mother all being there together?
AD: I was soooooo nervous for the Be Heard event at Oz - it would be the first time Mom and Michael have seen each other in months, our song hadn't been fully rehearsed before that night, and it was the first time all of the ladies were coming together again. Phew! Pile that on top of the normal dealings of having an event in our restaurant and you've got a real party! While I was concerned about my own dealings, my main focus was geared toward giving the performers a chance to express their talents and show the eclectic nature of talent around the area. Micah and I had worked on the logistics and it was awesome to have it all come together that night! What were you thinking when Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant said they wouldn't be going to France? 
AD: When Gizzy and Robyna said they weren't coming to France, I saw that as a challenge. I really wanted them to come, for comradery and personal fulfillment, and because HELLO it's the French Riviera! Everything sounds less snarky in French, it's not called the language of love for nothing ;). Tell us about what singing to Michael meant to you. Is there a Housewife single in your future?! 
AD: Creating "Coffee and Love" for Michael meant so much to me. My brother Zach and I have always shared a love for music and he's a talented performer, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to show Michael his importance to me. 
The idea behind "Coffee and Love" is remembering that both are best when they're hot! That's not to say they won't cool sometimes, but a dip in intensity serves as a reminder to turn up the heat a little bit. Everything given attention will continue to grow. 
A Housewife single has DROPPED - "Coffee and Love" is currently available on iTunes and Spotify. Hey noooooow! What do you think watching Michael and your mother’s interaction now?  
AD: I was happy to see that my mom and Michael were able to share close space and enjoy being around each other. Our relationship had been undergoing major construction, but it gives me hope that eventually we will value and respect each other like a healthy family. It takes time, which I have learned to accept, but the prospect for chuckle-filled Thanksgiving and Christmases is enough to keep me chugging along! 

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