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Ashley Darby: "Whoa Nelly That Was Rough."

After that conversation I thought, "If this is really true, are you ready to end your marriage?"

By Ashley Darby
Ashley Darby's Uncle Says Her Husband Is Full Of Sh— How did you feel watching Karen Huger kick longtime friends Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant out from her event?
Ashley Darby: I was really surprised to see Karen react so aggressively with Gizelle and Robyn. There is a great deal of history between them for better or worse, so it caught me off guard that there was no tolerance. Karen and I are different people with different perspectives, so however, she chose to handle the situation at her event was a personal choice. 

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Watch The Real Housewives of Potomac on Peacock and the Bravo app What do you think about this clash outside with Gizelle, Robyn and Charrisse Jackson Jordan? 
AD: It was understandable as to why Charrisse felt like she was in the middle of that current situation. Charrisse is the peacekeeping, maternal homie in the group. Like she'll talk trash and dance trap one second, then wipe your tears in the next. Because she's able to see different perspectives, it seemed hard for Charrisse to understand why everyone can't just get along. While her position may have changed now given recent events, in that moment I feel that Charrisse just wanted there to be peace amongst the ladies she's known for so many years (and a few months). Being told that she was being disloyal to friends she's cherished for over almost a decade appeared to hurt Charrisse deeply. What do you think about Michael’s comments about iKON Enterprises?
AD: Oh my goodness, how does Michael think of these things? I mean, he had a point - who wants to make a personal check out to an entity called "I Con" when it's meant to be going to a charity? DC is the charity capital of the world, so this is by far not our first fundraiser, benefit, dinner, whatever. At the same time, Michael has tried to offer genuine help to Karen in the past and she's responded by adamantly dismissing him. Michael will keep his 30+ years of legal and successful business advice to himself then, no worries. What do you think of Monique Samuels saying that you’ve drank green eyed bandit elixir? 
AD: That's another quick and lackluster retaliation from Monique because she's  unhappy that I'm not following behind her. I'm an independent thinker - as I have ALWAYS been - so it makes no sense to make the assessment that I am bandwagoning with someone else. The reality is I like Gizelle and Robyn. They both accurately and truthfully represent themselves, whether anyone likes it or not, and I vibe with that. Sip on that. Tell us about this difficult conversation with your uncle about Michael – what was it like hearing his opinion of Michael so plainly? 

AD: Whoa nelly that was rough. I love my uncle deeply. When my own father decided to renounce his role in my life, my uncle stepped up to the plate and showered me with unconditional paternal love. I don't know what kind of woman I'd be without my grandfather and uncle to show me how men are supposed to treat their families. 


Additionally, my aunt and uncle have been married for over 20 years, and they've had their share of ups and downs like any other couple. They're like my second set of parents, I even lived in their home for years. From watching their love and determination to make their family work through hard times, an endless commitment to love was instilled in me. So when he told me pointblank that I have to consider that Michael and I may have completely different objectives in my marriage, it was really tough. After that conversation I thought to myself, "If this is really true, are you ready to end your marriage? Or are you willing to change your life plans to stay with the man you love?" It left so many thoughts swirling in my mind. 

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