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Robyn Dixon: I Was Not "Hurt" That Karen Didn't Attend My Event

"If a grown woman will lie about something that trivial, it should make you wonder what else she lies about!"

By Robyn Dixon
Is Robyn Hurt That Charrisse Chose Not to Support Her Event? Tell us a little bit more about finally being able to put on your event and what it felt like in the moment considering everything you’ve accomplished. (Congrats btw!) 

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Robyn Dixon: My She Is Empowered event was something that had been in my heart and on my mind for a very long time. It felt so good to finally see it come to life! Not only did I put a plan in action and make the event happen, but it was a huge success! I felt so humbled that so many people supported and believed in my vision. I sincerely appreciated everyone who helped out with the event - my friends who helped manage everything, the panelists who spoke about entrepreneurship, and the sponsors who donated their products and services. And I was especially honored by all of the women who purchased a ticket to attend my event. Their presence warmed my heart and made me feel so good about the thought that I can have an influence on other women by motivating them to become entrepreneurs! You’re such good friends with Gizelle Bryant, what do you think about Kyndall saying that Gizelle should have called her about Sherman? 

RD: Kyndall saying that Gizelle should have called her about Sherman was some straight bullsh--. I understand the story that Kyndall is trying to paint in order to not look so thirsty, but Gizelle and Kyndall have never been friends. They have never talked on the phone and they have never hung out alone. Just because you have met someone in passing and may have made small talk with them at the same table at a charity event does not mean you are friends and it definitely doesn’t mean that that person is owed any type of phone call. Why are you so hurt by Karen Huger not attending the event? What were you hoping to accomplish going to hers?

RD: I was not “hurt” that Karen did not attend my event. I just didn’t appreciate being lied to and could not respect her for lying about dumb stuff. If a grown woman will lie about something that trivial, it should make you wonder what else this woman lies about!

Karen invited me to her charity dinner, in which I accepted the invitation. However, after thinking about how much of a liar Karen is and how phony she is, I really did not want to put on a fake smile and go. I didn’t want to cancel at the last minute or not show up so I thought it would be best to go to Karen’s event to drop off my donation to the charity and briefly explain to Karen exactly why I was not staying at the event. It’s clear by her actions that she does not consider me her friend so I did not want to be at a party that I wasn’t wanted in the first place. You’re a bonafide house flipper now – can you update us on your business ventures? 

RD: I am currently still working on rehabbing the house that we saw on the episode. House flipping is fun and profitable, but it can also be tedious and full of bumps in the road. My mom and I have experienced some setbacks that have slowed the process down – contractor issues, break-ins, extreme weather – but we are still pushing ahead and excited to finish and start our next house soon! What do you think about Karen inviting Kyndall to her event – what do you think her motive was? 

RD: That was a straight bandwagon move by Karen. Karen had not invited Kyndall to ANYTHING before so to see her so quickly invite Kyndall to her event, comped on top of that, was straight ridiculous. I was actually surprised that Karen stooped that low. We already know that Monique is obsessed with Gizelle, but I didn’t think that Karen was too.  

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