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Robyn: Karen Is a Liar, Plain and Simple

"All she had to say was that she changed her mind and would rather escort Monique to her event. I would have been able to respect that." 

By Robyn Dixon
Is Charrisse Choosing Monique over Robyn? Tell us about this double booking withMonique Samuels - what do you think about her not wanting to invite you?

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Robyn DixonIsn’t it funny how things happen? Just the week before Monique and I are having a showdown on a sidewalk in DC and the next week we are testing everyone’s friendship and loyalty with conflicting events. It’s so coincidental, I wouldn’t have been able to script that myself. And I don’t blame her for not wanting to invite me, I felt the same way about her! But saying that Gizelle and I "don’t know how to act" certainly sounds like the pot calling the “tricks” black! Tell us about feeling like Charrisse Jackson Jordan was choosing Monique over you considering your history.

RD: I understand Charrisse had already agreed to escort Monique to that event before I invited her to attend my event, however, there are certain things that good friends make exceptions for and should change plans for and a first meaningful event conceived, planned and organized by a good friend should be one of them. Charrisse’s decision to stick with Monique’s event surely hurt and stung and made me question the strength of our friendship. Sure, Charrisse and Monique became fast friends and spend a lot of time together but there should be some type of value placed on a long-standing 14-year friendship and clearly, Charrisse does not value our friendship the same way that I do. What do you think about Karen's Siri excuse? Tell us about not hugging her and being upset.

RD: Karen is a liar, plain and simple.  We all heard her say it herself at Gizelle Bryant’s party, she told me “yes” she would attend my event. I don’t understand her need to lie about something that simple. All she had to say was that she changed her mind and would rather escort Monique to her event. I would have been able to respect that. But what I can’t respect is a liar. I have a very hard time being phony and giving Karen a hug at that moment would have been extremely phony. How had things improved with Juan after the psychic?

RD: Juan was on cloud nine for weeks after the meeting with Justin the medium. There was definitely a lighter, happier side to him that I hadn’t seen in a while. And he was so thankful to me for facilitating the emotional session. Receiving clarity and closure from the situations of his past has allowed Juan to continue to move forward with his life without the large dark cloud that had been with him for years. What were you thinking when Gizelle said she was done with Sherman - do you agree with Juan that she should be more patient?

RD: I really loved Gizelle and Sherman’s relationship. They balanced each other out very well and she was always so happy when she was around him. So, hearing her say that she was done was so disappointing to me. I really hoped that she was just talking out of frustration and would try to find a way to work things out with Sherman. I totally agree with Juan saying she should be more patient but I also have respect for a woman that knows what she wants and is not willing to compromise for it!

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