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Robyn on That "Gang Up" From Monique and Ashley

"There is not one iota of a chance that I even want to breathe the same air as Ashley ever again."

By Robyn Dixon
Ashley Darby Brings Up a Shocking Fact From Robyn and Juan Dixon's Past What did you think about the rest of the press conference and Gizelle Bryant’s hashtags?

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Robyn Dixon: I was really hoping that the press conference would end on a good note with all of us coming together and hugging and saying how much we love and support each other. But a girl can dream I guess! We all know Gizelle is a jokester, so nobody should take Gizelle’s hashtags seriously. But were they inappropriate? Absolutely! What did you think of [ cast_bio_link id="1119011" label="Monique Samuels"]Monique[/cast_bio_link] commenting on you leaving with Gizelle?

RD: Ummmm, Gizelle and I arrived together, where the hell was I supposed to go? I think Monique’s comment clearly speaks to the hate she has for our strong friendship and her true feelings about me. I’ve never done anything to her but I’ve quickly learned that she loves to throw jabs and backhanded comments out about me. Tell us about apologizing to Juan – why now?

RD: I have definitely placed a lot of the blame and responsibility for our past financial issues on my shoulders. While we both could have done things differently and made better decisions, I personally kick myself for making matters worse. But I had never truly acknowledged my part in our financial demise to Juan. It was easier for me be stubborn and focus on the other issues we had dealt with and Juan’s part in those matters – infidelity, divorce, etc. – than to put the heat on myself. Now that we have weathered the storm and have begun to build our lives back together, I can comfortably talk about the past and the part I played in it. Juan has grown so much over the past few years that I really felt that he deserved to hear me apologize. Tell us about why the meme upset you and your confrontation with Monique. Why did you say that Monique is “two-faced?”

RD: At the reunion last year, I really was taken aback by the nasty words Monique said about me, the way that she treated me, and the way she was being confrontational with me for no reason whatsoever. I had no idea that she and I even had a beef and felt that she was just coming at me out of nowhere! After the reunion, Monique apologized profusely to Juan and I about her comments, specifically saying, "I would never do or say anything like that to you and it’s really bothering me that I hurt your feelings. You’ve been nothing but good to me and I would never treat you or anyone like that…" So I was very shocked when I came across the meme on her fan page run by people Monique knows making fun of me and laughing at me just a few weeks later. That page is a clear representation of Monique and is authorized to speak on Monique’s behalf and Monique herself liked the post. The meme was deliberately laughing at me and humiliating me on social media. I am sure I have been the subject of many memes created by strangers that I do not know nor consider a friend. But friends do not create memes making fun of their friends, plain and simple.

Monique’s apologetic words to me are a total contrast from her actions behind my back, which are incredibly two-faced, nasty, and not something of a sincere person or friend. And her dramatic reaction to our simple conversation about this issue speaks volumes about Monique’s character and genuineness. Instead of talking through the situation and attempting to understand where I was coming from, sadly Monique chose to be vicious by screaming her head off at me and ganging up on me with Ashley Darby in the middle of her husband’s birthday party. Do you feel like it will be possible to mend your relationship with Ashley?

RD: Oh no, there is not one iota of a chance that I even want to breathe the same air as Ashley ever again.

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