Robyn Dixon: I Am Loving This New Juan!

Robyn Dixon: I Am Loving This New Juan!

"...he even hung my clothes up for me once the new closet was installed!"

The 'Wives Learn all About Cooking in New Orleans Were you surprised Juan was so willing to watch the boys and let the construction workers into the house while you were away in New Orleans?

Robyn Dixon: I was definitely expecting to receive some sort of push back, teeth sucking, or huffing and puffing when I gave Juan so much responsibility while I was away in New Orleans, but he pleasantly surprised me. I don’t know if because we are simply getting older and finally growing up or if he is beginning to appreciate me more, but I am loving this new Juan! In the past, Juan probably would have told me to reschedule the workers to come while I was home so I really appreciate that he was more than willing to help. And can you believe this part, he even hung my clothes up for me once the new closet was installed! Is running late a common theme for you? Did any part of you worry that you would miss the flight to New Orleans?

RD: Every year I make a New Year’s resolution to be more punctual and every year I fail. I have a serious problem with being on time. I think it’s because I really underestimate how much time I need to get ready and also because my laid back personality carries over to my process of getting dressed and causes me to move slowwwww like a turtle. I just have zero sense of urgency. I know, I really need to work on this issue. But hey if being consistently late is one of the worst things that you can say about me, then I’m doing alright I guess.

I wasn’t worried one bit that I would miss the flight to New Orleans. I can’t count how many times I have had to sprint through the airport or even missed flights. And if I missed the flight, there always another one!

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Are Gizelle Bryant and Karen Huger Really Friends? What did you think of the confrontation between Gizelle and Karen after your cooking class?

I think the looks on my face pretty much explained what I thought of that confrontation between Gizelle and Karen. Bewilderment might be the best word to describe what I was feeling. Initially I was just trying to figure out where Gizelle was going with her story. Then I was confused and wondering why Gizelle even cared that much about Karen’s business. And finally, Karen’s quick and defensive reaction to not even hear Gizelle out and talk through the issue like adults, well actually I’m used to that from Karen so no surprise there. Having a discussion with Karen about anything questioning her life is tougher than the alligator soup we made!

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