Robyn Dixon: I Had 100% Confidence in What I Was Doing

Robyn Dixon: I Had 100% Confidence in What I Was Doing

"...I knew that Juan would be totally on board and supportive of my first house flip."

Robyn Dixon Shows Juan Dixon Her Latest Project How did it feel giving Juan a tour of the home you're renovating since it's taking longer to renovate than you initially anticipated?

Robyn Dixon: First of all, I can’t believe that we were eight months into my renovation project and Juan had not been to the property at least once! It’s just so crazy how fast time flies. But that’s really no excuse. A part of Juan and I working on our relationship should include supporting each other in all of our endeavors so that is something that we both recognize we need to be better at.

I was both very excited and nervous to show Juan the property. Excited because I was proud of even taking on this project and knew that Juan would be proud of me too. Nervous because Juan can be very critical and will ask lots of questions in a way that almost feels like he’s scrutinizing and judging. But I know that is his way of showing he cares so I just had to be ready for the barrage of questions – especially because we were talking about a project involving a lot of money! I had 100% confidence in what I was doing so ultimately, I knew that Juan would be totally on board and supportive of my first house flip. What was it like seeing Katie Rost at Ashley's uncle's party?

RD: Talk about a blast from the past! I had not seen nor spoken to Katie since her casino night party so it was great to see her again. To be honest though, I had more memories of contentious moments with Katie than fun and positive memories so I was not sure what to expect when seeing her again. But I was pleasantly surprised at Katie’s laidback and fun demeanor. She seemed a bit different from what I remembered of her. A little less polished, a little more personable. It was great to have Katie back in the mix and I looked forward to seeing her again.

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Robyn's Cellphone Footage Shows That the Ladies Know How to Keep the Party Going The group of you that stayed after hours partying looked like you had a lot of fun and it was funny to hear you say you didn't even remember taking a lot of those videos on your cellphone. What are your feelings on the overall evening?

RD: OMG, I think I’m still hungover from that night, ha! We had so much fun at Candiace’s wedding the week before that we wanted to keep the party going as long as possible. We all let loose and partied until the wee hours, but I think Michael let a little too loose and said a little too much!

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