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Robyn Dixon: Karen Needs to Make up Her Mind!

"Karen sends out so many conflicting messages...."

By Robyn Dixon
Karen Huger Doesn't Want Gizelle Bryant on Her Property What did you think when Gizelle called you on her way to Karen's house to drop off cookies? Did you think it was a mistake?

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Robyn Dixon: What better way is there to say, “I’m thinking about you and I care about you” than to hand deliver homemade baked goods? If someone made that type of thoughtful and kind gesture to me, I would be touched and more than happy to accept their gift and visit. So of course, I thought it was a great idea for Gizelle to visit Karen with cookies. Gizelle’s effort shows that she really heard Karen when she asked her to be a better friend. After seeing Karen’s response to Gizelle, I am truly confused. Karen sends out so many conflicting messages – “be my friend, don’t be my friend; come to my house, don’t come to my house; kiss up to me, don’t kiss up to me.” Karen needs to make up her mind!

Robyn Dixon and Juan Dixon Take Their Relationship to a Whole New Level Were you surprised that Juan set up such an intimate date for the two of you?

RD: Surprised is not even the word! Shocked and flabbergasted is probably better. There is no better surprise for a woman than to be whisked away for an intimate and relaxing massage. Well, maybe a new car pulling up to the house with a huge bow on it is a little better, but you get the point. I am so used to doing everything around the house from cooking, laundry, homework, scheduling appointments, transporting kids to activities to paying bills and dealing with house related issues. So, I was blown away when Juan took the initiative to schedule a massage for me. It shows that not only does he appreciate all that I do for our family but he wants to spend more quality time together outside of the house. And the intimacy of the date means not just quality time, but romantic time! I can get used to this! Were you impressed by his massage skills?

RD: Juan actually has amazing massage skills. He took a massage class while in college and would practice on me then, so not only was the date a nice surprise, it also took us back to memories of our good ole' days when life was stress-free, fun, and before all the drama of our relationship. He picked up where he left off and used his strong, athletic hands to give me an awesome massage. Juan really took his time and made sure I was happy and feeling great. How did the two of you get back to such a great place in your relationship?

RD: It definitely was not easy for Juan and I to get to a great place in our relationship. It took time and patience and understanding that it would not be an overnight process. And most importantly, it took a concerted effort to put each other first and an acknowledgment that we both wanted something more from our relationship. Spending the past few years weathering our financial struggles and relationship stress while maintaining a strong bond for the sake of our children, really strengthened our relationship and helped us realize that life is too short to not be happy and enjoy those around you. Without spoiling anything, what are you looking forward to seeing the most this season on Potomac?

RD: First of all, I must say that I truly can’t believe we are in season 4 of RHOP! I can remember filming the first season just like it was yesterday and the uncertainty of what it was we were filming and if we would even last past one season. Wow! Thank you so much to all of the fans who have either been with us since season 1 or didn’t grow to love us until season 3. It’s such a blessing to be welcomed into your homes on Sunday nights!

I am looking forward to seeing the evolution of each and every one of us during season 4. Our relationships amongst each other evolve, our relationships in our personal lives evolve, and we all evolve individually like the strong, beautiful and unique women that we are! Cheers!

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