Monique Samuels: I Just Wanted to Maintain Peace

Monique Samuels: I Just Wanted to Maintain Peace

"I just didn’t want that type of stress while being pregnant."

Gizelle Bryant Wants a Sincere Apology From Monique Samuels What was running through your head when you apologized to Gizelle and then Chris pulled you away?

Monique SamuelsI just wanted to maintain peace and offer my apology to Gizelle and Sherman. She clearly wanted to remain mad so it was like talking to a brick wall. I was glad that Chris came to the rescue because I was starting to get irritated. I just didn’t want that type of stress while being pregnant. Chris is super protective of me since we had a miscarriage prior and even almost lost the pregnancy this time! 

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Candiace Dillard and Chris Bassett Exchange Wedding Vows Were you expecting to get an apology from Ashley at the wedding?

MS: Like I stated the night of the wedding, I wasn’t thinking about Ashley. I was at the wedding to celebrate Candiace and Chris. I wasn’t expecting an apology from Ashley. This wasn’t the time nor the place for that. How did you feel when Gizelle came up to you during the reception and officially thanked and accepted your apology?

MS: When Gizelle later came to accept my apology, I thought it was very random since she wasn’t trying to hear it at first. I know she had a lot to drink so maybe her response was a bit delayed. 

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Candiace Dillard Performs an Original Song for Chris Bassett at Their Reception What did you think of Cadiace’s big day? And her song?

MS: I loved Candiace’s song! She sang it beautifully and I thought it was super sweet to kick off her marriage! It was a nice dedication to the man she loves! 

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