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Reunion Part 3

S2/EP24 |
Aired: 03/13/2022
The reunion concludes with the husbands taking the stage. Sharrieff explains where he was on the day of Jen's arrest, while Justin confirms if Whitney’s beauty venture depleted their savings. John hopes Lisa and Meredith can make amends, and Duy tries to explain his need for more kids. And later, Jen answers questions about the rumors that swirled in the aftermath of her arrest and gives an update on her impending trial. 54:26

Reunion Part 2

S2/EP23 |
Aired: 03/06/2022
The reunion continues with an update on the Real Housekids of SLC. The women discuss the allegations and rumors about Mary. Lisa breaks down after Heather and Whitney hold her accountable for her attempt at an apology. 43:24

Reunion Part 1

S2/EP22 |
Aired: 02/27/2022
The women of Salt Lake City sit down with host Andy Cohen as they discuss Mary's decision to not attend the reunion and Jen's impending trial. Meredith breaks down rehashing the difficult moments of the season. Tensions flare when the women accuse Lisa of being a pot stirrer. 43:24

Why Can't We Be Friends

S2/EP221 |
Aired: 02/20/2022
In the Season 2 finale, Heather holds a Celebration of Life for her father while Jen downsizes to pay for her mounting legal fees. Lisa throws an over-the-top '80s-themed Vida Tequila party, but relationships are tested when Jennie attacks Mary for being dismissive and Meredith confronts Lisa for her actions in Zion. Finally, the group demands Meredith tell Jen the real reason they can’t be friends, but Meredith threatens to reveal a few secrets of her own first. 44:24

Memorial Meltdown

S2/EP20 |
Aired: 02/06/2022
The Cinco De Mayo festivities intensify as the tension between the ladies boils over. Mary and Meredith cling together as the rest of the women hound Meredith for the date of her father's memorial and struggle to understand Meredith's unwavering support for Mary. Once back in Salt Lake City, the women try to make sense of all chaos left behind in Zion. Jen visits Mary’s church to see if the rumors are true, Lisa seeks advice from John and Meredith offers an olive branch to Heather and Whitney. 43:24

Cinco De Mayhem

S2/EP19 |
Aired: 01/30/2022
As the Zion trip continues, the women head out for a day of horseback riding, ATVing and spa treatments, but the lingering doubt over whether Meredith held a memorial for her father continues. Jen hosts a Cinco De Mayo celebration where Jennie finds herself at odds with Mary yet again. And when Meredith defends Mary, a distraught Lisa goes off. 43:24

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