5 years ago

Video: Brian Shares 30 Wishes for His 30th Birthday


Brian just turned 30, and to mark the milestone, we asked our Single to name 30 fantasy birthday presents. In a word, his list is adorable. (Somewhere Brian is rolling his dreamy blue eyes.)

No. 14 on Brian’s list: “I would love for Tabasum to be 34 again.”
No. 18: “For Joey to just button up one more button on his shirt. It’s just one more button, Joey. You’re showing too much chest, bro.”
No. 6: “I need to have a night of karaoke in Seoul, Korea, with Bill Murray.”
No. 3: “A spotted Great Dane puppy. I’d name him Caesar.”

But we won’t spoil them all. Watch below to see what could also maybe qualify as Brian’s bucket list.