5 years ago

Wait, Brian’s NERVOUS For A Date?!


Hurry, grab the smelling salts! Bravo HQ is upside down right now because Brian ‘fessed up to being nervous for his first date with edgy artist Kennedy.

“I’m excited but a little bit anxious because I don’t know what to expect,” the cucumber-cool street-style star admits, in a rare display of nerves.

So uncharacteristic! So what changed between Week 2′s Becca the Wino and Week 5?

“Kennedy looks like a real New Yorker’s New Yorker. You know, like somebody that has multiple layers and levels to her. Intriguing girl. I’m kinda betting on a no-holds barred, we’ll-see-where-this-goes type of situation.”

Sounds like this one could be The One.

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