5 years ago

Unseen Footage: Brian Goes Speed Dating?!


Brian is the last person you’d expect to go speed dating, but on second thought, the retail entrepreneur did sign up for The Singles Project. He’s not sooooo timid as to turn down a well meaning gesture from business partner Matt (and Matt’s awesomely astute wife Lauren) to fix him up with six different women in the span of 30 minutes. Want to see what went down? We’ve got video.

In fact, Brian seemed excited about the surprise speed-date session at Carson Street Clothiers, the chic Soho menswear shop he and Matt co-own. He got five minutes each with an array of potential love matches/non-starters: CJ, an overshare-y food blogger; Genesis, an overshare-y relationship blogger; Stephanie, who bluntly questioned our Single on his “douchey” rep; Carmen, a teacher who never wants to leave Jersey; Sarah, who’s sweet and bubbly; and Lauren, a tough chick with Bettie Page bangs who digs “people that offend easily and you’re kinda the same.”

Observing from afar, Lauren lamented: “This is painful to watch.”

It’s the thought that counts. Even though he felt no sparks, Brian graciously thanked his pals for giving it “the college try.”

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