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The Daters React: Ken’s Not Wasting Time on Tabasum; Jenna Says Brian Is ‘Closed-Minded’


Kathie Lee and Hoda tried—they really did! But Tabasum just wasn’t that into her TODAY show-sourced date with Ken. She’s 41, New York City is her oyster and at this point she’s not settling for anything other than true love.

Ken, age-appropriate and gregarious, is open to a second date only if Tabasum is into him. He says: “I would like to get to know her more. On the same token she’s not wasting her time, I’m not wasting my time. You need to have that spark. Maybe we didn’t quite have enough spark.”

Remember @AlexanderAdamo2 from last week? The 32-year-old real estate hunk who was all over Tab during their hot dinner date where she was like, “I don’t think I need dessert”? She fretted over revealing her real age to him, and now it could be a dealbreaker for sexy pair: Alex tells us he’s “weirded out” by her confession but says “the age shouldn’t really matter.”

Since Kerry’s on the fence about Tripp, we introduced her to some other potential husbands who just may pass the parent test (unlike our favorite non-starving artist). There’s courtly Alex (@ALEXHILLNYC), a projection of Jane Cassidy’s fantasy dream date for her daughter, and chatty David (@DavidYarus), the creator of JSwipe, aka “The Jewish Tinder.”

They both want to take Kerry out—but looks like they’ll have to get past Tripp first!

How did Kerry and her gal pals assess the talent during their girls’ night out on the Lower East Side? They want to try a new, fancier ‘hood next time. Their strategy, however, will remain the same. Says Megan: “I’m the one pulling the cool guys in and I just ignore anyone else and Taylor takes care of the crazies and gets them out of the picture as soon as possible.”

Meanwhile, @JennaGarofalo, another of Kathie Lee and Hoda’s picks, reports back that her meet-up with Brian was …. kind of awful. Girl does not mince words. “I did not expect him to be as snobby as he was,” she says. “He was very closed-minded on our date as well and I haven’t ever really had that experience before on a first date. Honestly I’ve never had anybody treat me the way that he treated me on that date and it was kind of a shock and uncomfortable at points, actually.”

As for our pal Joey, he typically saw the silver lining in a humiliating sitch that would send other daters running home to cry into their pillows.

“I just had an equestrian date with myself here in Brooklyn,” he says of getting stood up by no-show Keith. “I just need to put this into speed drive because I really want to find The One. So I have to let down those walls quickly. I need some dynamite sticks.”

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