5 years ago

The Daters React: Alex Disses Kerry, Ryan Thinks Joey Is ‘Adorable’


Win some, lose some.

On last night’s episode of the Singles Project, Tabasum gave the hunky realtor Alexander the boot and Brian failed to make a connection with the cute Rene. There were some bright spots. Two, in fact: Joey had amazing dates with Jack and Ryan and he gushed about feeling good vibes from both of them. But what did the daters think of our Singles? Check out their reactions.

Tabasum said goodbye to Alexander after she felt he was more into hooking up than anything long term. He kind of agrees: “She wanted me to commit right then and there and commit to layout the plan…I don’t know what it’s going to be like! I don’t know what the next five minutes are going to be like.” He also thinks she has some insecurities—watch below.

Kerry’s date, Alex, had stronger words about her after bailed on their date thanks to “watermelon seed in her stomach.” Says Alex: “We didn’t really vibe. We didn’t have a connection. We didn’t have anything in common…She’s not really an athlete…She doesn’t work as hard as I do.”

Joey had the Best. Week. Ever. His two dates with Jack and Ryan both sparked hot connections. Jack says he was “pleasantly surprised” by Joey. “I don’t make mistakes—I date them,” he admits. “I wasn’t sure we would be a match…[But] I felt there was chemistry.” But does he want to see him again? Watch his reaction.

Joey’s other option in Week 7 was Ryan (@nikeRyanYoder), who joined the Single for a double date with Brian and Rene (@rene1e). Ryan finds Joey “adorable” while Rene thinks her encounter with the super-picky clothing store owner turned out better than she expected.

She admits: “I didn’t think it was gonna go well at first because I kinda had my guard up based on previous episodes. He could have been on his best behavior because he got such bad feedback last time.”

Tell us about it.

What did “Broey” think?

“I would definitely suggest doing a double date as a first date if you haven’t done it before,” observes Brian. “You could build off each other … prevent each other from speaking stupid s—.”

Chiming in, Joey adds of their two-on-two: “You stopped me at certain points!”

Kerry, meanwhile, was on Cloud 9 after Tripp came back to his boo at Brian’s birthday party. “He surprised me,” she says. Now, they’re off for a romantic trip to his home state of South Carolina. “I lost all feeling in both my upper and lower extremities,” she says. “I feel like the little old lady [who wins] from Publisher’s Clearing House!” Awwwww!