5 years ago

The Daters React: Jack Questions Joey’s ‘Integrity’; Tabasum Charms Vincent


And then there were two.

The Singles Project came to a close last night as a pair of eligible-slash-handsome New York City men embarked on series final dates with Joey and Tabasum.

“Look, I’m curious to know where this is going to go—you know, what happens when the cameras aren’t there,” @jackhazan said of romancing Joey, with whom he went apple picking and to Tabasum’s glam birthday bash. “Is he still going to be enchanted with me? Is he still gonna be motivated to see me again? Is he still going to want this to go somewhere? These are questions that are running through my mind—it’s called questioning integrity.”

As for Vincent, the (age-appropriate) 39-year-old Brit who exudes an appealing Hugh Grant-bookstore-owner vibe, he’s totally into Tabasum.

“I was pleasantly surprised. There’s a lot of depth to her. … Unlike anybody I’ve met for a long time, she did actually knock my socks off,” he confesses, making us wish there were eight more episodes so we can see if this Tabasum-Vincent love match works out or if he turns out to be another Alex.

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