5 years ago

The Daters React: Nicole Is ‘Embarrassed’ About Kissing Brian


The most exciting time of the week has arrived! (Jazz hands.) Brace yourselves for another juicy round of Dater reactions, starring Chris, Nicole, Francesco, Saida and Vedant! Plus: Anthony responds to confronting Joey at Boxers!

We begin our date recap-athon with Nicole (hotly debated Twitter handle, @misscocobunny), who confesses she’s “shy and embarrassed” about kissing Brian at the end of night. On a positive note, “We have great chemistry and I think the kiss reflected that.”

Meanwhile, Joey’s ex-boo Anthony (@MrAnthonyRaul) is super-bummed about getting the brush-off at Boxers. “He pretty much doesn’t know what he wants,” he laments. “He says one thing and does another and it’s really confusing. It seems like he’s playing with everyone’s heart. He’s not looking for love.”

Chris (@cschembra) is all smiles after taking Kerry to a swing dance session for their second one-on-one. Gotta give the Southern exhibitionist props for great, non-boring date ideas! Unfortunately those smiles didn’t last for too long — since Kerry decided to dump him via text. . .

After giving Tab the shaft, Francesco took Ericka to a chic restaurant where conversation flowed as easily as the vino. “Even with the camera around everything was so charming and simple, I really felt comfortable talking to her,” he gushes in his sexy accent.

How stunning is Saida (@ms_leekong)? The Gabrielle Union doppelganger flaunted her curves as well as her purity ring, stating: “Eventually someone will replace it with a Harry Winston ring.” Will that lucky guy be Lee?

Unlike Bill, Vedant (@vedanta_s) wasn’t intimidated by Tabasum’s double-threat dose of intelligence and sex appeal. Even so, he’s just not that into the drop-dead dermatologist—and the feeling is mutual. “Tabasum may not have seen my physical beauty,” says Vedant, “but there are a million other girls that do in New York so everybody watch out. I’m coming for you!”

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