5 years ago

Ericka & Lee 4 Eva, Joey Gets Read: Last Night’s Best Tweets

It’s over—for the Singles Project. But for some of our New Yorkers, it’s just the beginning. On last night’s finale, we saw Ericka and Lee and Tripp and Kerry begin their happily-ever-afters, while Tabasum and Joey finally met people we hope they continue to date. Poor, Brian: no ladies for him. But after reading your best tweets from last night, there’s definitely hope for him yet. Read on for your best commentary on the episode.

Ericka and Lee’s happy ever after got plenty of props.

Brian may not have ended up with a match, but there may be hope for him yet.

If things don’t work out for Joey and Jack, at least our eyebrow wizard has a new client.

Was that a read??

Some of you thought Tabasum and Vincent were a solid match.

Kerry’s mother may not totally approve of Tripp, but fans think Kerry should listen to her heart—not others.

Tripp’s family, it seems, is all for the couple.

Over the season, the Singles read your tweets every episode. And it was Lee’s favorite part—after meeting Ericka, of course.