5 years ago

The Singles Read Your Tweets … For the Last Time!


You love when the Singles read your tweets on the air—it’s one of the funniest parts of the show! And now we bring you one final mash-up of the latest and greatest from The Singles Project-obsessed Twitterverse.

Brian reads a tweet from @Mares109 who snipes, “Brian and Kerry should date. They are both awkward, arrogant and rude. I felt bad for both their dates this week.”

While he finds the diss hilarious, Kerry gives it the finger. Our Single, meanwhile, has a much more positive reaction to this bon mot courtesy of tweeter @JordanGreentree

“Gotcho back like bra straps, G! @MissKerryNYC saw Shovelface and scrammed like farty brussels and clams like aye Imma talk to that doorman.”

An instant classic.