5 years ago

The Singles Read Your Tweets—and Brian Reveals His Actual Age!


Last week Tabasum revealed her real age: 41-and-fabulous! Now Brian is ‘fessing up in our latest edition of our super-fun video series where the Singles reading aloud your tweets—the good, the bad and the below the belt.

Responding to a tweeter’s question on his age, Brian jokingly answered: “I’m certainly not 29. I’m actually 16 and this is the effect of smoking.”

Good thing he’s quitting for his 30th birthday, right?!

In other hilarity, Tabasum voices a tweet that says, “I almost hate you because you look amazeballs.” To which Tab, who apparently has never heard the internet slang term before, quips: “Amazeballs is something that I’m hoping to get on this show!”

Can’t hate her for that.

Other gems from the Twitter-verse: “Dammit, I really didn’t want to like Joey,” and the hashtag #LeeHasABigHead.

“Hi hater! I see you!” teases Lee, looking more amused than irked.