5 years ago

Francesco’s Game & the Gingy from Tindy: the Best Tweets from Last Night’s Ep

From Anthony’s surprise pop-in at Joey’s party to the return of Kelly Killoren Bensimon—there was so much drama on last night’s episode of the Singles Project. Luckily, we had all of the fans—and the Singles—to keep track of what went down. Need a refresher? Here are the best tweets from last night’s ep.

Fans were rooting for Brian and his date with Nichole.

But one woman seemed to be a little jealous.  

Everyone was was impressed by Francesco’s swagger!


But it seems he doesn’t have enough to take Lee out of the picture.


Francesco wasn’t the only one with serious game last night.

Some of our Bravolebs were into Brian’s style.  

Tabasum may not have felt sparks with Vedant—but Natalie vibed with him (and his appetite).

So…she’s saying there’s a chance?  

Who knew Kelly’s secret to a great smile came from a Single?

And that awkward moment with Joey and Anthony? Just like a Kelis song.  

The Singles totally had Joey’s back.


Kerry’s keeping it real even though she dumped Chris.

…And she’s still thinking about the Gingy from Tindy!