5 years ago

Inside Brian’s Wild 30th Birthday Bash at Brooklyn Winery


Brian’s 30th birthday bash was very Brian: Chic yet understated, with a twist of the profane. Recall: The penis-shaped cake his friends brought out to razz Our Single for dubbing himself a “dick” on camera! Highlight. Of. The. Night. (That, and Kerry’s emo reaction to the Tripp plot twist.)

Our sober Single threw the intimate bash at Brooklyn Winery in Williamsburg, where he lives, and invited 20 of his nearest and dearest. Not on the guest list: Rene, Jenna, Kennedy, Nicole and Becca.


Though Bill Murray, Padma Lakshmi and Warren Buffett couldn’t make it, Brian celebrated his milestone b-day alongside castmates Kerry (who left with Tripp), Joey (who made out with new love interest) and Tabasum (who brought Brian a CD of his favorite artist, Pitbull).

Meanwhile, Brian seems to have backtracked on his decision to quit smoking by age 3-0. Some old habits die hard—but we still love you Brian!