5 years ago

Help the Singles! Should Joey Date Jack or Ryan? What Are Your Tips for Kerry?


The Singles are nearing the finish line—the final episode premieres next week!—so our six hopefuls need your help now more than ever. And they’re leaning on you to determine their fates!

Do Ericka and Lee seem to have a genuine connection? Is there romance in Brian’s future? And what tips do you have for Kerry as she goes on her first out-of-town trip with, er, Tripp? Watch their questions above and then weigh in. Plus: Joey wants you to pick who he should date next: Jack or Ryan.


Lee and Ericka had a romantic getaway to Southampton—and it looks like the two will become a full-fledged couple once the show wraps up. How can he prove to Ericka that he is the real deal? Tweet him your answers and advice now.


Tripp has convinced Kerry to take a romantic getaway to his home state of South Carolina. She was naturally hesitant at first—she’s never been away with a boyfriend before—and the excitement almost made her “pass out.” What tips do you have for Kerry? Tweet her now.


Tabasum broke things off with Alex after she felt the two weren’t on the same page. “I’d like to use my lips and his lips for talking and not kissing,” she said. Their conversation didn’t go well—and she stormed out of Anejo. Are all men ***holes? She wants to discuss with you—tweet her your opinion now.


Brian hasn’t had much luck so far on the Singles Project. From girls who are interested in open relationships to those with baby fever, he has yet to find someone he’d like to settle down with. Is there a happy ending for him? Tweet him your thoughts now.


Ericka is moving full-steam ahead with Dr. Lee. But she admits that her guard is still up—what can she do to be more vulnerable to the man who admitted he’s falling in love? Weigh in by tweeting her now.


Joey really scored this week! He had two amazing dates with Jack and Ryan—and made genuine connections with both. But he’s torn about who he should see next week. What do you guys think: should he see Jack or Ryan? Vote now.