5 years ago

New Yorkers Make Joey Feel Better About Being Stood Up


First off, Can you believe that someone would bail on Joey? The audacity! Let this be a lesson to us all: Never go horseback riding with a stranger.

Down but not out, and eager to get back on the saddle again, our resilient Single hit the chic streets of Manhattan on a mission to collect the best (er, worst) personal stories about being stood up and interview offenders as well as victims.

“No, I stood up people,” one¬†elderly woman tells the brow maestro in a very funny confession.

Another (younger) woman declared: “No one would stand me up.” She’s right, we wouldn’t cross her.

Meanwhile, in Misery Loves Company: One guy-on-the-street is still stung by the rejection of an “extremely, extremely hot” girl he met in Amsterdam, and a gal-on-the-street comforts Joey with her disappointing experience, revealing, “We were supposed to have a date in the city … and then he just never came.”

Signing off, Joey admits: “I feel so much better! I’m not the only one! … Everyone gets stood up. Happens. Moving forward. Onward and upward.”

Still want to wallow in the rejection? Watch Joey get stood up again.