5 years ago

Did Lee Drop the L-Bomb Too Fast? Is Brian in Love With Himself? Help the Singles Now!


Golf dates, ping pong, and a firing squad in front of Ericka and Lee’s friends and family: everyone got plenty of action on this week’s episode of the Singles Project. Well, except for Joey, who was stood up for his horseback riding date. (So. Rude!)

Joey’s dating woes aside, the Singles still need your help this week. Read their questions to you below and sound off in our polls.


During their dinner with Ericka’s girlfriends and and Lee’s brother, Lee admitted to Onika that he may be falling in love with Ericka. And they finally committed to dating each other exclusively—with a steamy make out to boot! Awesome! But are things moving too fast? Did Lee drop the L-Bomb too soon? Vote now.