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We Grill Brian’s Business Partner (and His Wife!) for the Truth About Our Picky Single


If you’re concerned that Brian will die alone, and is perhaps a bit too picky and judgmental for his own good, then you will find our Q&A with his Carson Street Clothiers partner Matt and Matt’s wife Lauren to be the most legit-fascinating analysis of our Single to date. Here’s Matt’s take on #TrunzTime:

How do you think Brian has been handling his dates on The Singles Project?

Considering his tastes/preferences and the girls he has been set up with on the show, I think he has generally handled them well. Generally, the girls have been terrible. I would say the one date [with] Jenna he could have handled a bit better, he came off fairly bad in that episode, but other than that it has been handled well.

Do any of his dates stand out for you?


Did you think they were all disasters?


Are any of them worth revisiting for Brian?

Absolutely not.

Do you think Brian will be bummed out if he doesn’t end up meeting anyone?

Again, if the premise of the show was for him to find love and that is what he thought was going to happen, then yes he will be bummed. He had a great opportunity to meet people with similar interests in an interesting environment, but for the most part that opportunity was blown.

What kind of woman do you envision him settling down with?

In terms of physical appearance, someone who has an exotic look to them, Asian, Arab, etc. In terms of other traits: highly educated, loves fashion, likes art, enjoys a good meal, wants to travel the world, fits in well with his friends, can adapt to his lifestyle and personality. To date, the show has not come close to a girl with any of those characteristics.

Do you think he’ll ever change his mind about having children?

As I said on the show that aired, probably not, with one caveat. It’s very hard [for] him to envision having kids until his life settles down and he finds his partner in life. I couldn’t imagine having kids with anyone until I met who was going to be my wife. He may or may not have [to] revisit it when he finally meets someone he deems worthy of being his wife and potentially the mother of his kids. No girl he has ever dated matches that description. None have even been close.
And here’s what Lauren has to say:

What do you think about Brian’s dating habits?

I think he wastes a lot of time dating women that he knows he doesn’t have a long-term future with, so I’m glad to see him not “settling” on the women he’s dating on the show (though I sometimes wish he was a little more delicate in his rebuffs). I would like to see him date more emotionally stable and confident women—sometimes I think he settles for women who are physically attractive and very stylish, but they are too needy. I don’t disagree with Brian having a long checklist, but I think he should re-prioritize that checklist.

Do you think he is too fussy?

Yes—in general, not just dating. Brian is fussy about how the store looks, what someone is wearing, who he’s dating, etc. He has very strong opinions on most things.

Do you think that he’ll end up alone?

Tricky question. Brian is rarely alone—he’s usually in relationships that have serious issues, but he’s not alone. I don’t know that he’ll ever be in a 30-year marriage, but I think he’s quite capable of finding some meaningful (semi) long-term relationships. I think he’ll need to stay in NYC to do this.

Do you think he should be more open to girls who aren’t his rigid type and take a chance on someone different to the norm?

Probably not. Brian has a unique lifestyle and it’s just a fact that most women won’t fit into it. He shouldn’t compromise on serious decisions like having children or how much time he dedicates to his career. He would eventually resent a woman if he did that. While I think that his obsession with finding a “fashionable woman” is a little shallow, I do understand that fashion is his life and it’s important for couples to share common interests. He spends so much time working and if a woman wants to spend time with him, she’ll have to be a part of that world.

What do you think about him not wanting children?

I think it’s the right decision for Brian. Brian is very ambitious and probably a little selfish (maybe more than a little). I don’t see him happily sacrificing his goals and adventures for children. Brian also resents cultural norms and he prides himself on defying those norms. He would hate to wake up and find that he’s a soccer dad in the suburbs. He’s more of the “road less traveled” type.

Will he change his mind?

I really don’t think so for a couple of reasons. (1) He’s one of the most self-reflective people I know, so I think he’s pretty well attuned to what he really wants in life; (2) As discussed above, children would not fit easily into Brian’s life. He travels a lot now and they are currently seeking to expand CSC locations to the West Coast, which will require even greater travel. He loves this lifestyle—I don’t see him wanting to sacrifice it.”

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