5 years ago

Meet Brian Trunzo


Sign: Virgo

My type is usually: I love, love, love confident women — a woman who is not afraid to speak her mind and get in your face a little. Someone who knows she’s got it — she doesn’t need to outwardly show it, or even think about it, because it just emanates from her being. Someone with backbone, someone who will smack you in the mouth if need be. She has to have dope, unique style. I believe a woman who takes care of her exterior is usually equally as elegant on the inside.

I have a weakness for: I usually succumb to women who are going through a devastating moment in their lives. My friends call me Captain Save-A-Ho. Daddy issues, work conflicts, inability to get along with my friends, religious differences, you name it. . .I can’t seem to avoid the drama.

My dream date is: I’m not one for “dream dates.” I find solace in the simple beauty of enjoying another’s company. Give me a morning coffee at Blind Barber in Williamsburg followed by a bike ride along the East River through Dumbo, into Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge and then up to any random museum for the day and I’m good to go. Yeah, nothing hyper-specific or anything like that

My perfect Sunday is: Man, getting out of the city is always an amazing pleasure. Too bad it doesn’t happen much these days, seeing that I’m usually at Carson Street. But if I had it my way, I’d be sitting deckside in Stone Harbor, NJ, or East Hampton/Montauk for the day. Low key.

My relationship pet peeve: Lack of support. We all need someone to be our better half, to help us up when we fall, or even stumble. That whole “till death do us part. . .” thing, yeah well that doesn’t work when only one horse is in the race. I can’t work on “us” if it’s just me out there. This is a team game, and we both need to play defense.

I can’t live without: A point of view. The day I stop expressing myself and speaking my mind is the day I will, quite literally, die.

What I’m doing with my life: I dropped a safe, lucrative career in corporate law to run my own retail store, and I couldn’t be any happier. I get to travel the world sitting in fashion shows and visiting showrooms of some of the most talented and highly touted menswear designers and artisans of my (and past) generation(s). I am inspired everyday to be better than I currently am at what I do. And I love every moment of it.

The first thing I notice about someone is: Their hair. I guess you would say I take a “down-up” not an “up-down” approach on scoping a woman out.

What I’m looking for: Someone who loves me for me. Someone who would like to travel the world and collect passport stamps with me. And most importantly, someone who genuinely gets me excited to jump up out the bed each and every morning (though, staying in a little while longer wouldn’t hurt, either).