5 years ago

Meet Kerry Cassidy


Part gal-about-town, part looking to settle down, Kerry Cassidy is looking for “a caretaker who can take care.”

Sign: Virgo

My type is usually: Quiet (usually because he can’t get a word in…)

I have a weakness for:Rescue animals! Oh wait, was this supposed to be about men?

My dream date is: Anything with a little thought involved is a great start. No meeting up for drinks! Get dressed up, send a car, open my door! It’s not a challenge for me to get along with people and have a fun time. Classifying it as a “dream” date would be based on my connection with the other person.

My perfect Sunday: Involves church, a four-hour brunch, watching football and using the excuse “It’s Sunday” to be lazy guilt-free.

My relationship pet peeve: Lack of communication, lack of compromise and complacency

I can’t live without: HUMOR!

What I’m doing with my life: It’s an ever-evolving adventure!

The first thing I notice about someone is: Their teeth!

What I’m looking for: Someone who appreciates all sides of me and “gets” it. Someone who is positive and fun. Someone who never wants to stop learning and growing together and can get me to try new things. A caretaker who takes care!