5 years ago

Meet Tabasum Mir


Sign: Libra

My type is usually: Tall, great hair, great bone structure. Right now I’m digging the Nordic, viking type. Funny, charming, witty. Imagine Robert Downey Jr.’s personality with Jamie Lannister’s (Game of Thrones) looks. I can’t do short men. Never, don’t even try. Sorry.

I have a weakness for: French fries and a charming hot gentleman.

My dream date is: A solo summer dinner at sunset on a pretty private rooftop. The table perfectly set with candles and hanging lights with NYC in the background. (You could substitute Lake Como for NYC.)

My perfect Sunday is: Get up early, go for a great workout, then have friends over and have a big brunch that we cook on a deck. But, since I don’t have a deck, a fab brunch with friends on the roof of the Soho House.

My relationship pet peeve: Negative, critical and grumpy men. . .also lazy men. Who has time? I DON’T!

I can’t live without: My family and my iPhone

What I’m doing with my life: Running a cosmetic dermatology solo practice. Launching a social networking app. Pitching my cosmetic idea to labs and eventually HSN.

The first thing I notice about someone is: Their face — or if they are wearing really hideous clothes. LOL!

What I’m looking for: I want to have an amazing attraction to a man who makes me feel like a woman and could protect me and take care of me — even though I am fine taking care of myself. Someone I could travel the world with, but can also go grocery shopping with — and he has to be HOT (at least to me).